(01 to 50) 50 Proverbs Of English Literature (کہاوت)

(01 to 50) 50 Proverbs Of English Literature (کہاوت)

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1-▶Blood is thicker than water.
?apna apna, gair gair.

2-▶A constant guest is never welcome.
?aik din mehman, do din mehman, teesre din balaye jaan.

3-▶Self-praiae is no recommendation.
?apne muuu miyan mithhuu.

4-▶Union us strength.
?ittefaq me barkat hai

(01 to 50) 50 Proverbs Of English Literature (کہاوت)

5-▶Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
?aaj ka kam kal pay mat choro.

6-▶A man is known by the company he keeps.
?admi apni sohbat se pehchnana jata hai.

7-▶The face is an index of mind.
?admi apne chehre mohre se pehchana jata hai.

8-▶Out of the frying pan into the fire.
?aasman se gira, khajoor me atka.

9-▶All is well that ends well.
?ant bhla so bhala.

10-▶Out of sight, out of mind.
?aankh oojhal, pahar oojhal.

11-▶A figure among cyphers.
?andhon me kana raja.

12-▶Charity begins at home.
?awal hawesh baad darwesh.

13-▶Great boast, little roast.
?unchi dukan, pheeka pakwan.

13-▶To kill two birds with one stone.
?aik pinth do kaaj.

14-▶It takes two to make a quarrel.
?tali aik hath se nhi bajti.

15-▶A bad name is worse than bad deeds.
?bad acha, badnam bura.

16-▶Better alone than in a bad company.
?buri sohbar se admi akela achw.

17-▶A wolf in a sheep’s clothing.
?bagal me churi, muu me ram ram.

18-▶Get what you can from a bad paymaster.
?bhagte chor ki langoti sahi.

19-▶Make hay while than sun shines.
?behti ganga me hath dho lo.

20-▶It is casting pearls before swine.
?bhains k agay been bajana.

21-▶Prevention is better than cure.
?parhez ilaj se behtr hai.

22-▶Think before you speak.
?pehle bat ko tolo phr bolo.

23- ▶Health is wealth.
?tandrustu hazar naimat hai.

24-▶As long as there is life, there is hope.
?jab tak jaan, tab tak aas.

25-▶Cut your coat according to your cloth.
?jitni chadar dekhiye itne payr pasariye.

26-▶Might is right.
?jiski lathi uski bhains.

27-▶Barking dogs seldom bites.
?jo garajty hain, so barasty nahi.

28-▶Where there is a will, there is a way.
?jahan chah, wahan raah.

29-▶A lie has no legs to stand upon.
?jhoot k paon kahan.

30-▶While in Rome so as the Romans do.
?jaisa dees, waisa bhes.

31-▶As you sow, so shall you reap.
?jaisa krogy, wesa bharogy.

32-▶Prettiness dies quickly.
?char din ki chandni phr andheri raat.


33-▶He who digs a pit for others fall himself inti it.
?chah kin raah chah darpesh.

34-▶A guilty conscience needs no accuser.
?chor ki darhi me tinka.

35-▶Money makes the mare go.
?daam bnaye kam.

36-▶Love begets love.
?dil ko dil se raah hoti hai.

37▶A burnt child dreads the fire.
?doodh ka jla chaach b phoonk phoonk kar peeta hai.

38-▶A friend in need is a friend indeed.
?dost wo jo museebt me kam aye.

39-▶Honesty is the best policy.
?deyanatdari sbse achi hikmat-e-amli hai.

40-▶A drowing man catches at a straw.
?doobtay ko tinkay ka sahara.

41-▶The voice of the people is the voice of God.
?zuban halaq ko nakara e khuda samjho.

42-▶Truth fears no fall.
?saanch ko aanch nahi.

43-▶Slow and steady wins the race.
?sehaj pakay so meetha ho.

44-▶Spend and God will send.
?shukar horay ko khuda shukar hi deta hai.

45-▶Necessity is the mother of invention.
?zarurt ijad ki maaa hai.

46-▶Familiarity breeds. Contempt.
?qadar kho deta hai har roz ka ana jana.

47-▶Practice makes a man perfect.
?kam ko kam sikhata hai.

48-▶Two of a trade seldom agree.
?kuttay ka kutta beri.

49-▶Birds of a feather flock together.
?kund hum jins baham jins parwaaz.

50-▶To nip the evil in the bud.
?garbba kishtan roz awal.


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