100 Questions & Answers about World Geography

100 Questions & Answers about World Geography

1. What is the name of the highest waterfall in the world? – The Angel Falls

2. Which desert is found in South East Mongolia and Northern China? – Gobi

3. Approximately how many kilometres of coastline does the United Kingdom have? – 12500

4. By what name is London Cathedral better known? – St. Pauls Cathedral

5. Which is bigger – Europe or Antarctica? – Antarctica

6. In which British city is the National Museum of Photography? – Bradford

7. In which US state is the record company Motown based? – Michigan

8. What is the capital of China? – Beijing

9. In which American city is O’Hare International Airport? – Chicago

10. What is the capital of Zimbabwe? – Harare

100 Questions & Answers about World Geography


11. What is the name of the famous Chicago building that is 110 stories high? – Sears Tower

12. Which of the following islands is largest? – Papua New Guinea

13. What is the third largest country in the world? – USA

14. What is the capital of the Falkland Islands? – Stanley

15. What country did Romans call Lusitania? – Portugal

16. Which European University has more students than any other in the world? – The University Of Paris

17. Which of the following colours does not appear on the Irish flag? – Yellow

18. What mountain range is the natural habitat of the llama? – Andes

19. In which state is the US army base Fort Knox? – Kentucky

20. Approximately how many times smaller is the USA compared to Africa? – 30%

21. In which European country is the “Black Forest”? – Germany

22. In which Irish city is Shannon airport? – Limerick

23. In which country is the river Yangtze located? – China

24. Olympia is the capital of which American state? – Washington

25. What two colours make up the Chinese flag? – Red and Yellow

26. The Grand Canyon is located in which state? – Arizona

27. What name is given to a native of Sydney in Australia? – Sydneysider

28. What is the state capital of Mississippi? – Jackson

29. What “H” is the capital of the Canadian provence of Nova Scotia? – Halifax

30. Which country’s flag has a cedar tree in the middle? – Lebanon

31. Which city is 74 miles from Oxford, 85 miles from Birmingham and 75 miles from Southampton? – Bristol

32. Point Barrow is the northernmost point of which country? – USA

33. What is the most common place name in Britain? – Newton

34. Which continent has the largest population? – Asia

35. What is the name of the highest mountain in the USA? – Mount McKinley

36. The Hoover Dam in America was built on which river? – Colorado

37. Which European capital was once known as Christiania? – Oslo

38. In which country is the Great Bear lake? – Canada

39. Which city is known as the “Eternal City”? – Rome

40. Bahia was the capital city of which South American city between 1552 and 1763? – Brazil

41. In geography, what is Rapa Nui better known as? – Easter Island

42. In which country is the highest mountain in South America? – Argentina

43. What was the approximate population of Portugal in 2000? – 10 million

44.What European country is home to the majority of Catalan speakers? – Spain

45. Which country’s name originates from a line of Latitude? – Equador

46. In which American city would you find Dodge City? – Kansas

47. Located in New York City, what type of building is Sing Sing? – A prison

48. In which Scottish city would you find Dyce Airport? – Aberdeen

49. What is the name of the fault that causes the earthquakes around San Francisco? – San Andreas Fault

50. Attu Island is the most western point of which country? – USA

51. In which city is Tianamen Square where over 1,000 demonstraters were killed in 1989? – Beijing

52. What is the largest lake in the Lake District national park? – Lake Windemere

53. What is the only country which is crossed by both the equator and the tropic of Capricorn? – Brazil

54. What is the capital of Switzerland? – Bern

55. In which continent is Lake Superior? – North America

56. Which of the following countries is smallest in area? – Monaco

57. What is the most popular natural attraction in Alaska? – Mount McKinley

58. Which of the following counties is not in East Anglia? – Sussex

59. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? – Belfast

60. Which “M” is the country which has the capital city of Rabat? – Morocco

61. In which British city is Lime Street railway station? – Liverpool

62. Which current American state was called Franklin until 1796? – Tennessee

63. Which country has the longest coastline in the world? – Canada

64. How many countries border San Marino? – One (Italy)

65. In which country is Damascus, the oldest continually inhabited city in the world? – Syria

66. Montgomery is the capital of which American state? – Alabama

67. What is the second highest mountain in the world? – K2

68. Hamilton is the capital of which North American country? – Bermuda

69. How many stripes are there on an American flag? – 13

70. How many counties share a border with Cornwall? – One (Devon)

71. To the nearest whole number, what percentage of the world’s surface is land? – 29%

72. Boston is the capital of which American state? – Massachusetts

73. Which of these countries has the most coastline? – Greenland

74. Which Australian city is the capital of the state of Victoria? – Melbourne

75. What is the largest sea in the world? – South China sea

76. What is the largest island in the world? – Greenland

77. What is the capital of Barbados? – Bridgetown

78. Napier University is situated in which British city? – Edinburgh

79. Which five American states border on the Gulf of Mexico? – Alabama, Florida, Louisiana,
Mississippi and Texas.

80. What is the most Northern national capital in Europe? – Helsinki

81. Which British city has an underground railway system which is nicknamed “The Clockwork
Orange”? – Glasgow

82. Tobermory is the only town on which Scottish island? – Mull

83. What appears at the center of the flag of Cameroon? – A Star

84. Which city is 88 miles from Birmingham, 71 miles from York and 43 miles from Leeds? – Manchester

85. What is the county town of Essex? – Chelmsford

86. Which bay has the longest shoreline in the world? – Hudson Bay

87. In which county is Jodrell Bank? – Cheshire

88. In which US state was the TV show “Flipper” set? – Florida

89. What is the second largest country in Europe? – Ukraine

90. In which country is San Salvador? – El Salvador

91. St. Anne’s lies to the south of which holiday resort? – Blackpool

92. In which English county is Plymouth? – Devon

93. What colour is the cross on the flag of Denmark? – White

94. What is the most densely populated continent in the world? – Europe

95. Where is the lowest point in the United States? – Death Valley

96. In which Scottish city would you find Holyrood Palace? – Edinburgh

97. Which of the following countries’ flags features the colours white and blue? – Finland

98. Which small European country has the capital city of Vaduz? – Liechtenstein

99. With which country are Mounties associated? – Canada

100. Which of the following large lakes is not in North America? – Victoria


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