25 General Science Quiz (26-50)

25 General Science Quiz (26-50)

26. The bones around your chest that protect organs such as the heart are called what? – Ribs 

27. What is the name of the long pipe that shifts food from the back of your throat down to your stomach? – The esophagus

28. True or false? Your ears are important when it comes to staying balanced. – True

29. The outside layer of skin on the human body is called the? – Epidermis

25 General Science Quiz (26-50)

30. What is the closest planet to the Sun? – Mercury

31. What is the name of Saturn‟s largest moon? – Titan

32. Olympus Mons is a large volcanic mountain on which planet? – Mars

33. Does the sun orbit the Earth? – No

34. Is the planet Neptune bigger than Earth? – Yes

35. What is the name of the 2nd biggest planet in our solar system? – Saturn

36. What is the hottest planet in our solar system? – Venus

37. What planet is famous for its big red spot on it? – Jupiter

38. What planet is famous for the beautiful rings that surround it? – Saturn

39. Can humans breathe normally in space as they can on Earth? – No

40. Is the sun a star or a planet? – A Star

41. Who was the first person to walk on the moon? – Neil Armstrong

42. What planet is known as the red planet? – Mars

43. What is the name of the force holding us to the Earth? – Gravity

44. Have human beings ever set foot on Mars? – No

45. What is the name of a place that uses telescopes and other scientific equipment to research space and astronomy? – An observatory

46. What is the name of NASA‟s most famous space telescope? – Hubble Space Telescope

47. Earth is located in which galaxy? – The Milky Way Galaxy

48. What is the name of the first satellite sent into space? – Sputnik

49. Ganymede is a moon of which planet? – Jupiter

50. What wonder drug was used for three years by the Army and Navy before becoming available to the general public in 1944? – Penicillin

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