(50) Global Airports Quiz !!

(50) Global Airports Quiz !!

1. Where is the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport located? – United States

2. Where is the Santa Cruz Airport located? – Portugal

3.Where is the San Jose del Cabo – Los Cabos International Airport located? – Mexico

4. San Luis Valley Regional is located in which Country? – United States

5.Where is the Szczecin – Goleniow Airport located? – Poland

6.Where is the San Sebastian – Fuenterrabia Airport located? – Spain

7.San Jose – Juan Santamaria Airport is located in which Country? – Costa Rica

8.Where is the Szwederowo Airport located? – Poland

9. Where is the Sanannah International Airport located? – United States

10.Where is the Syracuse Hancock International Airport located? – United States

11.Where is the Sylt Airport located? – Germany

12.Where is the Sylhet – Osmani International Airport located? – Bangladesh

13.Where is the Sydney International Airport located? – Australia

14.Where is the Swansea Airport located? – UK

15.Where is the Svalbard – Longyear Airport located? – Norway

16.Where is the Suvarnabhumi Airport located? – Thailand

17.Where is the Suva – Nausori International Airport located? – Fiji

18.Where is the Surakarta – Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo International Airport located? –Indonesia

19.Where is the Sunyani Airport located? – Ghana

20. Where is the Sunan International Airport located? – North Korea

21.Where is the Sundsvall – Harnosand Airport located? – Sweden

22.Where is the Sun City located? – South Africa

23.Where is the Sun Airport located?- United States

24.Where is the Sumburgh Airport located? – UK

25.Where is the Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport located? – Indonesia

26.Where is the Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport located? – Indonesia

27.Where is the Sud Corse Airport located? – France

28.Where is the Strigino Airport located? – Russia

29.Where is the Southend Airport located? – UK

30.Where is the South Caicos Airport located? – Turks and Caicos Islands

31.Where is the Sønderborg Airport located? – Denmark

32. Where is the Sola Airport located? – Norway

33.Where is the Sokol Airport located? – Russia

34.Where is the Sørstokken Airport located? – Norway

35.Where is the Skrydstrup Airport located? – Denmark

36.Where is the Skive Airport located? – Denmark

37.Where is the Skavsta Airport located? – Sweden

38.Where is the Sion Airport located? – Switzerland

39.Where is the Shuangliu Airport located? – China

40.Where is the Shoreham Airport located? – UK

41.Where is the Sheremetyevo Airport located? – Russia

42.Where is the Sheffield City Airport located? – UK

43.Where is the Shang Yi Airport located? – Taiwan

44.Where is the Sepinggan International Airport located? – Indonesia

45.Where is the Selatar Airport located? – Singapore

46.Where is the Seeb International Airport located? – Oman

47.Where is the Shetland Isles – Lerwick Tingwall Airport located? – UK

48.Where is the Sea-Tac Airport located? – United States

49.Where is the Scillies Airport located? – UK

50. Where is the Schiphol Airport located? – Netherlands

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