All in One PPSC NTS Questions Answers

All in One PPSC NTS Questions Answers

A. Cross a bridge
B. To build a bridge
C. To discover
D. To shorten

How Many Stars in European Union Flag ?
A. 8
B. 12
C. 20
D. 28

Who wrote the autobiography “a mirror to the blind” Abdul Sattar Edhi

Statue of liberty is statue of ?
A. Male
B. Female

Nigeria Means ?
A. A queen
B. A battle field
C. A great river
D. A wild animal

Head Quarter of FIFA is located at ?
A. Switzerland
B. Spain
C. Brazil
D. Portugal

Antonio Guterres ……… general secretary of UNO.
A. 9th
B. 10th
C. 8th
D. 11th

Allama Iqbal joined all india muslim league in which city ?
A. Dhaka
B. Mumbai
C. Karachi
D. London

Gas Bills are made by using Unit of ?
A. Watt
B. Ampere

“The forgotten years” is an autobiography of ?
A. Feroz khan noon
B. Pitras Bukhari
C. Liaqat Ali khan
D. Sir Zafar Ullah khan

Gulf of lions is in ?
A. France
B. Spain
C. Italy
D. Egypt

Under the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 Pakistan has the right to use exclusively the water of:
a. Ravi, Sutleg and Chenab
b. Sutleg, Chenab and Jhelum
c. Chenab, Jhelum and Indus
d. None of these

The resolution of non-cooperation with British Government was passed in the meeting of All India National Congress in 1920, which was held at:
a. Madras
b. Bombay
c. Nagpur
d. Calcutta

Diarchy was first introduced in the Act
a. 1909
b. 1919
c. 1935
d. None of these.

Anjuman-e-Islamia Punjab was founded for the renaissance of Islam in the year:
a. 1849
b. 1859
c. 1869
d. None of these

The downfall of Muslim rule in India started with the demise of:
a. Akbar
b. Aurangzeb
c. Bahadur Shah Zafar
d. None of these

Qutb-ud-Din Aibak was succeeded on Delhi throne by:
a. Aram Shah
b. Altutmash
c. Razia Sultana
d. None of these

مشہور نظم “بارہواں کھلاڑی” کس نے لکھی ؟
پطرس بخاری
انور مسعود
افتخار عارف
حفیظ جالندھری

The river which carries maximum quantity of water into the sea is the
a. Indus
b. Volga
c. Thames
d. Amazon

The earlier name of New York city was ?
a. Amsterdam
b. Bearbrass
c. Leonardtown
d. Nutfield

The Pentagon is located at ?
a. New York
b. California
c. Ohio
d. Washington

The largest city of Africa is –
a. Lagos
b. Capetown
c. Harare
d. Abuja

The largest strait in the world is?
a. Bosporus Strait
b. Malacca Strait
c. Dover Strait
d. Gibraltar Strait

The largest temple of the world is Angkor Wat located in ?
a. India
b. Nepal
c. Sri Lanka
d. Cambodia

The country where military service is compulsory for women
a. Poland
b. Denmark
c. Norway
d. Ghana

Ice Cream was discovered by
a. Catherine de Medici
b. Leo Hendrik Baekeland
c. William Tecumseh Sherman
d. George Cayley

The place known as the Garden of England is –
a. Windsor
b. Kent
c. Eltham
d. Richmond

The lowest mountain range in the world is ?
a. Sutter Buttes
b. Andes
c. Alpas
d. Caucasus

Java is an island located in which country?
B )India
D)United States

Honshu island is located in which country?
B )Taiwan

Baffin Island is located in which country?
A)United States

The country of Singapore is made up of how many islands? –
A. 49
B. 53
C. 63
D. 71

Which country is the largest producer of Apple in the world? –
A. China
B. India
C. Canada
D. New Zealand

Which tree appears on the flag of Lebannon?
A. Cedar
B. Banyan
C. Toona
D. None

In which city is Marco Polo airport? –
A. Rome
B. Venice
C. Copenhagen
D. Oslo

The island of Gotland belongs to which country? –
A. Sweden
B. Norway
C. Denmark
D. Iceland

حضرت عمر رضی الله عنه کون سی صورت سن کے ایمان لائے ؟

A. Revoke
B. Provoke
C. Lasting only a year
D. Cancel

Palliate ?
A. Praise
B. Renovate
C. Alleviate
D. Blame

Rohtas fort at the bank of river ?
A. Sutluj
B. Jhelum
C. Kahan
D. Chenab

Sher Sha Suri was …..
A. Persian
B. Pashtun
C. Arabic
D. Mangol

ITAR -TASS is the news agency of ?
A. Italy
B. China
C. Russia
D. Bulgaria

Arteries become hard due to deposit of ….. in them.
A. Fats
B. Salt
C. Calcium
D. Plaque

Oncology is study of ?
A. Tumours
B. Bones
C. Fossils
D. Animal behaviour

ان میں سے پروین شاکر کا مجموعہ کلام کون سا ہے ؟
صد برگ
نقش فریادی

مشہور کتاب بجنگ آمد کا موضع کیا ہے ؟
افسانہ نگاری
تاریخی واقعات
طنزو مزاح

Khuzdar & Kalat district are in ?
B. Sindh
C. Balochistan
D. Gilgit Baltistan

What are the vessels that moves water through a plant from its room to its leaves ?
A. Ray
B. Phloem
C. Epidermis
D. Xylem

Legendary Character “Sherlock Homes” was created by ?
A. Ian Fleming
B. Agatha Christi
C. Jane Austin
D. Sir Arthur Canon Doyle

Bronchitis is a disease related to ?
A. Stomach
B. Brain
C. lungs
D. Skin

The largest number of “Ahadith” was reported by ?
A. Syeda Ayesha Sadiqa r.a
B. Hazrat Abu Huraira r.a
C. Hazrat Ali r.a
D. Hazrat Abu Bakar r.a

A. Faulty
B. Idiotic
C. Evil
D. Acraid

A. Shameful
B. Obstacle
C. Opposition
D. Masterpiece

A. flattery
B. Scarcity
C. Hilarity
D. Provision

Terrorism will ——- in the course of time.
A. Die
B. Die down
C. Die away
D. Die off

کون سا محاورہ غلط ہے ؟
پیالوں میں دال ڈالنا
بازار گرم ہونا
بھیگی بلی بننا
جان کے لالے پڑنا

شام شہر یاراں کے مصنف ؟
احمد فراز
ناصر کاظمی

mum’s the word
A. Keep Secret
B. Take care of mom
C. To whisper
D. Hue & Cry

Gain Ground
A. Hide somewhere
B. Become Popular
C. Lot of things happen at once
D. Feel difficulty

To turn a deaf ear
A. Listen Clear
B. Feel fear
C. To ignore
D. To forgive

How many “Furlongs” make one mile ?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 12

Name the youngest daughter of Holy Prophet ﷺ?
A. Hazarat Umm e Kalsom r.a
B. Hazrat Zainab r.a
C. Hazrat Ruqqaya r.a
D. Hazrat Fatima r.a

Hinda was wife of ?
A. Abu Jahal
B. Abu Sufyan
C. Wahshi ibne Harb
D. Ibne Jasha

What was the title of Allama Iqbal’s Ph.d thesis ?
A. Reconstructions of Religious thoughts in Islam
B. The development of metaphysics in Persia
C. Concept of Social justice in Islam
D. Influence of rumi on Sufi poetry in India

Who made the official announcement of the annulment of the partition of Bengals, in 1911 ?
A. Sir John Jenkins
B. Lord Hasting
C. King George III
D. King George V

Which british officer shoot and killed three of Bahadur Shah Zafar’s sons during the 1857 war of independence?
A. William Hudson
B. Colonel Nicholson
C. John Lawrence
D. Lt. Willoughby

She was so weak that she ……… hardly walk.
a. could
b. could not

Customs officers examined all …. at the airport.
a. baggage
b. baggages

I feel …………………….. enough to go to the hospital.
a. bad
b. badly

Bacteria ………………………. in the air we breathe and the food we eat.
a. is
b. are

Golan Heights Territory is located in which country?
a. Syria & Israel
b. Iran & Saudi Arabia
c. Iran & UAE
d. Iran & Pakistan

Abu Musa Territory is located in which country? –
a. Iran & Syria
b. Iran & Saudi Arabia
c. Iran & UAE
d. Iran & Pakistan

Cook Islands territory is located in which Country?
a. Australia
b. New Zealand
c. Germany
d. Norway

Which is the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom? –
a. Ben macdui
b. Cairn Toul
c. Ben Nevis
d. Ben Lawers

What is the only Central America country whose official language is English? –
a. Belize
b. Cost Rica
c. Panama
d. Guatemala

Which country controls Gilbratar –
a. Spain
b. Morocco
c. United States of America
d. Great Britain

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