Asia Continent Quiz !! (01-50)

Asia Continent Quiz !! (01-50)

1. Which is the tallest building in Asia? – Burj Khalifa, Dubai

2. The longest Asian rivers is – Yangtze River, China

3. The largest shopping mall in Asia is – New South China Mall, China

4. The largest stadium in Asia by capacity: Rungnado May Day Stadium, China

5. What are the mostly spoken languages in Asia? – Mandarin, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Malay, Bengali, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese, Chinese, Wei Chinese, Thai, English

6. Where did Buddhism orginate ? – Indian subcontinent

7. what present-day country was once part of the Persian Empire ? – Tajikistan

8. What Asian hub transits one-fifth of all seaborne trade and third of the world’s crude oil
shipments ? – Strait of Malacca

9. Across Central Asia, a yurt functions as a ________. – Portable Home

10. The Caucasus region is a stretch of land between which two seas? – Black Sea and Caspian Sea

11. What endangered animal native to Asia survives in the wild on a single reserve? – Asian Lion

12. The highland border region where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar(Burma) meet is known as
what? – Golden Triangle

13. What country does the Mekong River not flow through? – Mongolia

14. What is the main color of China’s flag? – Red

15. In what ocean does Indonesia lie? – Pacific

Asia Continent Quiz !! (01-50)

16. In what country is Sichuan found? – China

17. What is the capital of Bangladesh? – Dhaka

18. Which of these cities lies on the Saigon River? – Ho Chi Minh City

19. What body of water separates India from Sri Lanka? – the Palk Strait

20. When did Buddhism arrive in Japan? – 400 CE

21. Name the Thai king. – Bhumibol Adulyadej / Phumiphon Adunyadet

22. Gloria Arroyo is president of which country? – Philippines

23. Who will be the new Israel Prime Minister? – Benjamin Netanyahu

24. What is the capital of Laos? – Vientiane

25. Who is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? – President of Iran

26. What is Wen Jiabao’s designation? – China Prime Minister

27. Where is Islamabad? – Pakistan

28. Who is the opposition leader in Malaysian politics? – Anwar Ibrahim

29. Out of seven continents, continent Asia shares its East border with – Ural Mountains

30. Country in Asia continent which is known as ‘Land of golden fiber’ is – Bangladesh

31. India represents what percent of South Asias population? – 70 percent

32. In what year did South Asia gain its independence from Britain? – 1947

33. What is the poorest country in South Asia in terms of per capita GNP – Nepal

34. The most important natural resource for people of South Asia is? – Water

35. What is the highest point in Asia? – Mt. Everest

36. What is the largest country located entirely in Asia? – China

37. What two mountain ranges form some of the boundary between Asia and Europe? – Caucasus and Urals

38. What desert is located in China and Mongolia? – Gobi

39. What is the largest island in Asia? – Borneo

40. What is the name of the northeastern part of Russia, which is the northernmost part in Asia? – Siberia

41. What country is the southernmost in Asia? – Indonesia

42. What is the westernmost country located in Asia? – Turkey

43. Which country is an island nation in Asia? – Sri Lanka

44. What is the capital of Saudi Arabia? – Riyadh

45. which country is Vientiane the capital? – Laos

46. Who was the Mongol ruler who conquered Persia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia in the
14th Century? – Tamerlane

47. Which two Middle-Eastern countries fought a war from 1980 to 1988? – Iran and Iraq

48. Which sea lies between china and Korea? – Yellow Sea

49. In which modern country are the ports of Sidon and Tyer? – Lebanon

50. What is the name of the mountain pass which lies between Pakistan and Afghanistan? – Khyber pass


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