1. The Merchants of__________Founded East India company.
Answer: London

2. The East India company was granted Charter in_________.
Answer: 1600 A.D.

3. After the battles of____________the British East India company became a territorial power in India
Answer: Plassey Buxur

4. The British Queen took over the administration of British possession in India for direct rule in_______________.
Answer: ,1858

5. Lord Clive was twice the Governor of Bengal from 1757 to 1760 and 1765 to__________.

6. Lord Clive defeated Siraj-ud-Daula in the battle of Passey in__________
Answer: 1757 A.D.

7.Lord Clive obtained Diwani Rights in Bengal and___________ from Shah Alam, the Mughal Emperor of India.
Answer: Bihar & Orissa

8. Lord Clive was the founder of a regular________system in British India.
Answer: Postal

9. Lord Hastings continued the buffer state policy towards________.
Answer: Oudh

10. Lord Hastings (1772-1785) concluded the treaty of salbai after _________Maratha war.
Answer: First

11. Lord Hastings (ruled India from 1772-1785) was the first Governor General of________.
Answer: Bengal

12. Before the appointment as Governor General of Bengal Lord Cornwallis (1786-1793), he was the____________.
Answer: Commander in chief of British Army in North America

13. Lord Cornwallis introduced the reforms in____________.
Answer: Public Service, Judiciary & Public Administration

14. Lord Wellesley (1798-1805)_.
Answer: Humbled the Marathas & Defeated Tipu Sultan

15. Lord William Ben tick (1828-1835)__.
Answer:A. Reduced public -expenditure
B. Improved the financial condition
C. Admitted educated people in Govt. Service

16. Lord Dalhousie (1847- 1856) annexed__________.
Answer: Punjab, Berar & Oudh

17. 1857`s war of Independence was fought in the administration of____________.
Answer: Lord Canning

18. Lord Canning reign`s most important event was___________.
Answer: i. War of Independence.
ii. Abolition of East India company.
iii.India directly became under British rule.

19. It is correct that Lord Canning was the____________.
Answer: A.Last Governor General of the East India company.
B. First Viceroy under the British Crown.

20. Lord Ripon ruled India as a second Viceroy from 1880 to___________.
Answer: 1884 A.D.

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