Deputy Accountant MCQs

Deputy Accountant MCQs

PPSC Deputy Accountant in Finance Department MCQS

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Key of Mediterranean is ? 
a. Galway
b. Gibraltar 
c. Osaka 
d. None

“Sahara” is in ? 
a. South Africa
b. North Africa
c. East Africa
d. West Africa

Bolan pass is in ………. Mountain Range.
a. Korakoram
b. Suleiman
c. Himalaya 
d. Kirthar

Professional qualification of Quaid e Azam was ?
a. MA
c. Bar at Law
d. Ph.d

The only government in India headed by the All India Muslim League in 1946 was that of ? 
a. Sindh
b. Punjab
c. Bengal
d. KPK

Abu Jahl was killed in Ghazwa ? 
a. Badr 
b. Uhad
c. Khyber 
d. Mauta

In the body, salt is stored up in the ?
a. blood
b. kidneys
c. skin
d. liver

Digestion starts as soon as the food ?
a. enters the stomach
b. reaches intestines 
c. enters the mouth 
d. thoroughly mixes

Combustion is the other name of ?
a. burning 
b. explosion 
c. sudden expansion
d. sudden contraction

Splitting of the moon occurred in ?
a. Arfat
b. Mina
c. Muzadalifa
d. Haram e Pak

Ayub Khan stepped down under mounting public pressure in ……?
a. 1966
b. 1967
c. 1968
d. 1969

I have come to know of your hole and corner methods of dealing with people ? 
a. suspicious 
b. secret
c. servile 
d. strict

Of the following human bones, which one is of arm ?
a. Radius 
b. Semum
c. Femur
d. Patelia

1857’s war of independence was fought in the administration of ? 
a. Lord Canning
b. Lord Curzon
c. Lord Comwallis
d. None Wavell

Chermain mountains are only present in
a. Egypt
b. Sri Lanks
c. India 
d. Chile

Name the mountain range found in south America ?
a. Rockies 
b. Alps
c. Andes 
d. Himalaya

At Qasdia …….. Commanded the Muslim army.
a. Saad bin Abi Waqas (RA)
b. Khalid bin Waleed (RA)
c. Ikrama (RA)
d. Hazart Hamaza (RA)

Rulers of Pre Islamic Iran were called ?
a. Qaisar 
b. Kisra
c. Sultan 
d. Mehmood

The same side of the moon always faces the earth because ……
a. The period of revolution of the moon is equal to the period of rotation 
b. Earth moves with the same speed
c. It is natural phenomenon 
d. Moon cant change its position

She is a good house wife and keeps the house in ……
a. apple pie order
b. an Augean sable
c. left handed complement 
d. lack luster

Ras koh range is situated in ?
a. Baluchistan Plateau
b. Indus Plain
c. Koh e Safed
d. Nanga Parbat

Salt Range start from Kalabagh and ends at ?
a. Sargodha
b. Dina
c. Jhelum
d. Mangla

Where Ghulam Ishaq Khan institute is situated ?
a. Peshawar
b. Kalat
c. Topi
d. Rawalpindi

RCD Highway Links Pakistan with ?
a. Iran
b. Turkey
c. Syria
d. Both B&C

The third largest continent on earth is ?
a. Europe
b. Australia
c. North America 
d. Africa

Asia comprises ………. of the earth land area. 
a. 26.2%
b. 35.2%
c. 30%
d. 20.9%

The highest point of North America is ?
a. Mt. Aconcagua 
b. Mt Ellsworth
c. Mt McKinley 
d. Mt. Kosciuszko

Pakistan – Turkmenistan gas pipeline project will be sponsored by ?
a. World Bank
b. Islamic Bank
c. Asian Development Bank
d. IMF

How many Prophets came to Israel ? 
a. 50 thousand
b. 70 thousand
c. 60 thousand 
d. 40 thousand

Which of the planet of the Solar system has the shortest year ?
a. Earth
b. Jupiter
c. Neptune 
d. Mercury

Coal is the remains of ?
a. lakes of lava that got trapped beneath the earth 
b. various chemicals that acted on each other under the weight of overground earth 
c. ancient trees and plants 
d. lava

The zero of a Fahrenheit is equals to ?
a. 0
b. 18° F
c. -18°C
d. 14°F

What will be the main source of energy for man in the distant future ? 
a. oil
b. natural
c. coal 
d. atomic energy

Leukemia is a type of cancer is which there is an abnormal increase in number of ? 
a. bone, cell
b. platelets
c. red blood cells
d. white blood cells

Which of the following is the best source of protein ?
a. fish
b. beans
c. apples 
d. butter

Hazarat Zakarya (AS) was the contemporary of …. ?
a. Hazrat Essa (AS)
b. Hazrat Mussa (AS)
c. Hazrat Shoaib (AS)
d. Hazrat Loot (AS)

Hazrat Ess (AS) was the cousin of ?
a. Hazrat Yahya (AS)
b. Hazrat Mussa (AS)
c. Hazrat Shoaib (AS)
d. Hazrat Loot (AS)

Who Knew the language of birds ? 
a. Hazrat Suliman (AS)
b. Hazrat Ismail (AS)
c. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
d. Hazrat Nooh (AS)

Who was the good player of flute ?
a. Hazrat Dawood (AS)
b. Hazrat Uzair (AS)
c. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
d. Hazrat Suliman (AS)

Energy emitted from sun is due to ? 
a. Fission
b. Radioactivity 
c. The conversion of hydrogen to helium 
d. The conversion of helium to hydrogen

Pure gold is called……… carat gold.
a. 18
b. 22
c. 24
d. 28

“Parkinson” is a disease of ….. ?
a. lungs
b. brain
c. heart
d. legs

Dog in the manger policy ? 
a. a policy beneficial to dogs 
b. a policy of personal gain
c. a policy good for all 
d. a policy good for nobody

Light-fingered person ?
a. a persons whose handwriting is good
b. a person who is a good artist 
c. a person who is a thief 
d. a person who is soft and tender

“Baghalchur” area of Dera Ghazi Khan contains mineral reserves of ?
a. Rock Phosphate 
b. Limestone 
c. Chromite 
d. Uranium

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