English Idioms with Urdu Meanings

English Idioms with Urdu Meanings

? Heart and Soul
Dilo Jan se

? To have no heart
Koi Jazbat na ho

? Heart to Heart
Be taklif ur azad

? At Heart
Haqeqi kirdar me

? From the Bottom of One’s Heart
Bhohat Kholos se

? Nearest one’s heart
Aziz Tareen

?With All my Heart
Bhohat Khushi se

? Come to Heel
Kuty ke trha phecha Krna hukum man na

? Hell of Noise
Shor sharaba

? More than one can help
Zarorat se zada

? Help Oneself
Apni Madad Ap

? High and Low
Amer ur Ghareeb

? Here and there
Idhar Udhar

? To Play
Fareb Dena

? High Time
Amal Ka waqat

? To hide one’s head
Sharmindagi Mehsos krna

? High Feather
Ala himmat

? Hold in

? Bring Home to
Sabit krna

? Horn in
Madakhalat Krna

? Make oneself at a home
Aram da hona

?Hot Air
Fazol Baty

? Hot Stuff
Koi Khtarnak Shy

? Hotch Potch

English Idioms with Urdu Meanings

? At the eleventh
Akhari lambhe me

? Every Inch
Mukambal tor par

? Inferiority Complex
Ahsas kamtari

? To be Incumbent
Zarori lazmi

? Ins and Outs
Mamle ke Pore tafsilat

? A Golden Age
Tareq ka Roshan Dor

? Good Money

? Stand Good
Akhir tak Acha

? Go on
Jari Rakhna

? By the Strong hand
Taqat se

? At home

? Hunt Up
Talash Karna

? Jack of All Trades
Har fan mola

? Man of Iron
Pukta Zehan Ka

? Dust one’s Jacket
Kese ko Shikast dena

? To intrude Upon
Madakhalat krna

? Inside Story
Asal Kahane

? Keep an Eye on
Nigrani Krna

? Keen Eye

?Judicial Separation
Adalat k hukum se Shadi ka Khtama

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