Everyday Science MCQs

Everyday Science MCQs

Q1 Washing Soda is the common name of ?
Ans Sodium Carbonate

Q2 The Chemical Name of Laughing gas is ?
Ans Nitrous Oxide

Q 3 The Cell discovered by ?
Ans Robert Hook in 1665

Q 4 The Nucleus is discovered by ?
Ans Robert Brown in 1831

Q5 The Microscope Is discovered by ?
Ans Galileo in 1610

Q 6 Ball Pen Invented by ?
Ans Amrican Scientist Jan lowd in 1888

Q 7 Marcury is also known as ?
Ans Quick Silver

Q 8 How many Legs do butterflies have ?
Ans 6 legs and 2 pair of wings

Q 9 The Heart of a Normal adult human being weight about ?
Ans 300 grams

Q 10 What is the average adult pluse rate ?
Ans 72 – 80

Q 11 The Cow’s milk contains how much amount of water in terms of percentage ?
Ans 80%
Q 12 Instrument to detect the purity of Milk is ?
Ans Lactometer

Q13 Radioactivity was First Discovered by ?
Ans Madam

Q 14 which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships ?
Ans Hydrogen

15 which gas is used in the preparation of soft drinks ?
Ans Carbon dioxide

Q 16 In blood ‘ the percentage of water is ?
Ans 90%

Q17 The volume percentage of Nitrogen in air is ?
Ans 78%

Q 18 Air contains volume of carbon dioxide ?
Ans 0.03%

Q 19 For water purification we use ?
Ans Chlorine

Q 20 The human blood is devided into ?
Ans 4 groups

Q21 A Man can Survive without food ?
Ans one month

Q22 The muscles, Tissues, and blood all are made up of ?
Ans Proteins

Q 23 What does make the blood look red ?
Ans Hemoglobin

Q 24 The acid used in a Car battery is ?
Ans Sulphric Acid

Q 25 The major part of natural gas’ petroleum and coal consist of ?
Ans Methane

Q 26 The speed of sound is ?
Ans 340 metre per second

Q 27 During sleep a man’s blood pressure?
Ans Fluctuates

Q 28 The smallest plants on the earth are ?
Ans Algae

Q 29 Who invented the polio vaccine (oral)?
Ans Albert sabin

Q30 Total volume of blood in a normal human being?
Ans 5-6 liters

Q 31 Red Blood Corpuscles are formed in the ?
Ans Bone Marrow

Q32 The main Function of the kidney is ?
Ans To Remove waste products from the body

Q 33 The name of the common mineral salt present in sweat ?
Ans Sodium chloride

Q 34 The fruits without seed, like banana , are called ?
Ans Partheno carpic fruits

Q 35 laughing gas has chemical composition of two elements?
Ans Nitrogen+ oxygen


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