Excise and Taxation Inspector MCQs PDF

Excise and Taxation Inspector MCQs

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Who is the Finance Minister of Pakistan?,

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui will serve as the Minister of,

Who is newly elected President of Mexico?,

Saudi Arabia to Host first time in the history ________ on 4th March 2018.,

MS Tiger is the name of ________ .,

JICA Stands for __________.,

Who is the writer of famous Pakistani Drama Serial Khaani ?,

Who is the winner of FIFA World Cup 2018 ?,

& Many More Current Affair Questions 




Including Following Questions & Answers,

Mee Too Movement started by Tarana Burke is the movement _______ .,

Sajid Javid’s Interior Minister of UK father was a _______.,

Who win the Egyptian Presidential Election 2018?,

Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School established in which year ?,

Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School situated in which city of Pakistan?,

Which team win the T20 Series of Pakistan Woman Cricket Team tour ,to Sri Lanka .?

Who is Dalai Lama ?,

Name the new organ discovered by scientists in human body ?,

Nobel Laureate Malala Yousufzai visited Pakistan after how much time?,

Who is the founder of Me Too Movement?,

Name the first flight which landed on New Islamabad International Air Port ?,

Punjab Food Authority stopped the Beverages Companies for not using _________ .,

Who appoint the Interior Minister in UK?,

Who is the interior Minister ( Home Secretary) in United Kingdom?,

Name the firm which has closed down its business related with Facebook Data Leakage Scandal ?,

Armenia is a Country situated in _________.,

Capital of Armenia is _______ ?,

Reunion is tourist place situated in which Country?,

ETA is a _______?,

Name the Country in which Election Commission Office attacked and in the result 12 people killed on,

3rd May is celebrated internationally as _____________ ?,

Name the widow of Noble Laureate who is willing to die at Home in protest against 8 years House,

Which Country helped the Saudi Government to destroy Houthi Missiles?,

Name the Pakistani Girl honored by US State Department in recognition of their efforts to promote,

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