1. Shandur Pass connects Chitral with. (Gilget)

2. Depletion of ozone layer causes. (Ultraviolet Rays)

3. Garada Airport of Indonesia. What is Garada in Indonesia? (Holy Bird)

4. What is name of son of Hazrat Safia bin Abdul-Mutlib? (Hazrat Zubair R.A)

5. Writing a response to an Email is called. (Reply)

6. What is PNG? (Raster Graphics)

7. Veinna is on the bank of river. (Danube)

8. Rene Armand got 1st noble prize in. (Literature)

9. Pakistan exploded atomic bombs. (28 May 1998)

10. Brain of computer. (CPU)

11. Egypt is in continent. (Africa)

12. Which river is not tributtory of Indus. (Jamuna)

13. Subedar Abdul Khaliq famous for. (Athlete)

14. Dynamite invented by. (Alfred Nobel)

15. East or west, (home) is the best.

16. 30% of 100 is 3% of. (1000)

17. One who can pay zakat. (Sahib e Nisab)

18. Half byte also known as. (4 bits)

19. Capital of Cuba. (Havana)

20. 3 power of -3. (-3)3 is equal to. (-27)

21. Country famous for sprinters.

22. Human Rights Day on. (10 december)

23. Splitting of light is called. (Dispersion)

24. Synonym of Contraband. (Illicit)

25. Amir Khusroo is disciple of. (Nizammudin)

26. 2nd highest peak, Godwin Austin in. (PAK)

27. Crossroad of central Asia is. (Afghanistan)

28. 11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41. (43)

29. Macular degeneration is disease of. (Eye)

30. 1st female governer of Sindh. (Ra’ana Liaqat)

31. Charter of Madina signed in. (1st Hijri)

32. Soldier is pleased (by) new sword.

33. Mao Zedong belong to. (Chinese)

34. Boundary commission of Pak-Indo headed by. (Redcliff)

35. Pak China border dispute resolved in reign of. (Ayub Khan)

36. Which Excel feature calculate values in show results. (Formulas)

37. World Trade Centre now known as. (Ground Zero)

38. Not member of BRICS. (Belgium)

39. 1st pvt. Airline of Pak. (Orient)

40. Husband of Khalida Zia-Former PM of Bangladesh. (Gen. Zia ul Rehman)

41. Iberian Peninsula?

42. Sohni Mahiwal written by. (Fazal Shah)

43. Bought 27 apples, 2/9 are rotten, how many are good. (21)

44. Gen. Qamar Jawed Bajwa belongs to. (Baloch rigement)

45. NOT Member of G-7. (PAK)

46. Takes loan of 500 hundred on 11% yearly interest for 4 years. Total interest. (220)

47. Airport closed for commercial flights. (Benazir Airport)

48. Antonym of Filthy. (Clean)

49. Jinnah of Pak written by. (Stanley Wolpert)

50. Better use of economic resources.

51. 12.6 is 30% of. (42)

52. Bala Hisar in. (Peshawar)

53. Al-Azhar university in. (Cairo)

54. Boxer Muhammad Ali’s disease. (Parkinson)

55. Pak. is located in. (South Asia)

56. 616-216+216. (616)

57. Carry information between processors and perpherals. (Data Bus)

58. Paucity means.

59. Rickets due to deficiency of. (Vit. D)

60. Abundent element in Earth crust. (Nitrogen)

61. Tarbela dam on which river. (Indus)

62. Disease eradicated from Pak. (Small Pox)

63. Return blood to heart. (Veins)

64. Accuse means. (Blame)

65. Largest river of the world. (Amazon)

66. Bought car in 154431.4 with 6% tax. Original price. (145690)

67. Ushar and Khums are. (Islamic Taxes)

68. She said, I shall be taking test. (She said that she would be taking test)

69. Muhabbat Khan Mosque is in. (Peshawar)

70. Lord Minto came India. (1905)

71. Sao Critavao church in. (Brazil)

72. Gorgeous means. (Magnificient)

73. Not member of council of common interest.

74. Hazrat Umar reigned for.

75. Doctrines of Islam. (Five)

76. Day and night occurs due to. (Earth’s rotation around its axis)

77. Free states of Africa.

78. Shortcut key to move paragraph upward in MS word.

79. Muqaam e Ibrahim is in. (Makkah)

80. Bravely is. (Adverb)

81. HQ of ADB.

82. Our national game. (Hockey)

83. I dont have (as) much time (as) i want.

84. Pak Media got liberty in whose reign.

85. Obnoxious means.

86. Idiom “Gift of Gab” means.

87. New presentation in PP can make by.

88. Sphygmomenometer is used for measuring. (BP)

89. Thick and Thin means. ہر مشکل میں

90. منّو بھائی کا صحیح نام۔

91. آتش کدہ کے رائٹرکا نام۔

92. ابن انشا کا صحیح نام۔

93. بابائے اردو۔ (عبدالحق)

94. ٹوٹ بٹوٹ کے رائٹر کا نام۔

95. طفل مکتب کے معنی۔

96. ابرِنیساں کے معنی۔

97. غلط محاورہ۔ (پیالوں میں دال بٹنا)

98. حجستہ گام کا مطلب۔

99. Macbeth written by. (Shakespeare)

100. Which is considered as star. (Sun)

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