FPSC Custom Inspector Past Paper MCQs

FPSC Custom Inspector Past Paper MCQs

FPSC Custom Inspector Past Paper MCQs 2018

Q: The Inland Revenue Wing of the FBR is responsible to collect?

A. Income Tax which is calculated by our loan vendors, paydayloansnow.

B. Sales Tax

C. Federal Excise Duty

D. All of the above taxes

Answer: Option D

Q: The most populous Muslim country in the world is?

A. Pakistan

B. Egypt

C. Indonesia

D. Iran

Answer: Option C

Q: Pakistan Fiscal year starts from?

A. 1st September

B. 1st January

C. 1st April

D. 1st July

Answer: Option D

Q: Which is a provincial tax in Pakistan?

A. Excise tax

B. Sales tax

C. Import Duty

D. Motors token tax

Answer: Option D

Q: Pakistan is located in the tropic zone of?

A. South

B. North

C. East

D. West

Answer: Option B

Q: There is how many chapters included in Income Tax Ordinance?

A. 11 Chapters

B. 12 Chapters

C. 13 Chapters

D. 14 Chapters

Answer: Options C

Q: Insert the missing Number 36,28,24,22?

A. 23

B. 19

C. 20

D. 21

Answer: Option D

Q: There is how many schedules included in Income Tax Ordinance 2001?

A. 9 Schedules

B. 6 Schedules

C. 7 Schedules

D. 9 Schedules

Answer: Option D

Q: Bird is to nest as a horse is to?

A. Ride

B. Stable

C. Gallop

D. Mare

Answer: Option B

Q: There is how many sections included in Income Tax Ordinance 2001?

A. 235 sections

B. 240 sections

C. 250 sections

D. 260 sections

Answer: Option B

Q: Zoo is to animals as an aquarium is to?

A. Alligator

B. Bird

C. Fish

D. Horse

Answer: Option C

Q: Corporate tax is levied on?

A. Landlord

B. Municipal corporation

C. Joint stock companies

D. Importers

Answer: Option C

Q: Who was known as engineer king of Mughal history?

A. Babar

B. Jahangir

C. Shah Jahan

D. Aurangzeb

Answer Option C

Q: Central Excise Act, 1944 was repealed by?

A. The Federal Excise Act, 2002

B. The Federal Excise Act, 2004

C. The Federal Excise Act, 2005

D. The Federal Excise Act, 2007

Answer: Option C

Q: “Al-Farooq” and “AL-Ghazali” are written by?

A. Hali

B. Shibli Nomani

C. Deputy Nazir Ahmad

D. None of above

Answer: Option B

Q: Name of Central Excise Duty has been changed as a Federal Excise Duty on?

A. 1st July, 2003

B. 1st July, 2005

C. 1st July, 2007

D. 1st July, 2008

Answer: Option B

Q: Abdur Rehman I was the conquer of __?

A. Spain

B. India

C. Iraq

D. Iran

Answer: Option A

Q: Inland Revenue Wing of the FBR was created, which is a combination of ___________ domestic taxes?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Answer: Option A

Q: Rothas Fort near Jhelum was constructed by?

A. Babur

B. Akbar

C. Sher Shah Suri

D. Muhammad Shah

Answer: Option C

Q: If we deduct direct tax from personal income, we get:

A. Net national income

B. Personal saving

C. Disposable income

D. Per capita income

Answer: Option C

Q: Umar Khayyam was a famous?

A. Poet

B. Politician

C. Jurist

D. Historian

Answer: Option A

Q: The largest part of national income is?

A. Consumption

B. Investment

C. Transfer payments

D. Saving

Answer: Option A

Q: Woodrow Wilson was a President of which country?


B. Russia

C. Italy

D. France

Answer: Option A

Q: We measure national income by this method?

A. Expenditure Method

B. Income Method

C. Product Method

D. All of above

Answer: Option D

Q: Wilson’s famous fourteen points formulated on?

A. January 2,1918

B. January 8,1918

C. January 18,1918

D. None of above

Answer: Option B

Q: The International Atomic Agency (IAEA) was established on July 29,1957, its Headquarter in?

A. Vienna

B. New York

C. Paris

D. London

Answer: Option A

Q: The most important source of a government is?

A. Foreign loans

B. Taxes

C. Printing of new money

D. Sales of government property

Answer: Option B

Q: Silicon is a?

A. Conductor

B. Semiconductor

C. Polymers

D. None of above

Answer: Option B

Q: In Pakistan, taxes are levied by?

A. Prime minister

B. President

C. Federal Cabinet

D. National Assembly

Answer: Option D

Q: Indonesia is located on the bank of?

A. Indian Ocean

B. Arabian Ocean

C. Red Sea

D. Atlantic Sea

Answer: Option A

Q: D.F Mulla was a famous personality of Indo-Pak he relates to which?

A. Sociology

B. Literature

C. Law

D. History

Answer: Option C

Q: Jabir Bin Hayyan was famous in which branch of science?

A. Geography

B. Physics

C. Zoology

D. Chemistry

Answer: Option D

Q: Government finance is called?

A. National Finance

B. Public Finance

C. Private Finance

D. Both a and b

Answer: Option B

Q: A direct tax is that which:

A. Is heavy burden on the taxpayer

B. Cam be directly deposited in the banks

C. Cannot be evaded

D. Is paid by the person on whom it is levied

Answer: Option D

Q: The first satellite sent into space was?

A. Apollo

B. Poineer

C. Sputnik

D. Luna II

Answer: Option C

Q: By which country signed the “Defence Pact ” with Pakistan First?

A. Iran(1957)

B. Turkey (1957)

C. Saudi Arabia (1957)

D. Iraq (1957)

Answer: Option B

Q: In Pakistan, the government budget is prepared by?

A. National Assembly

B. President of Pakistan

C. Ministry of Finance

D. State Bank of Pakistan

Answer: Option C

Q: If government increases tax, private savings:

A. Increase

B. Decrease

C. Do not change

D. Will become zero

Answer: Option B

Q: When Tashkent Pact was signed?

A. January 10,1966

B. March 10,1966

C. April 10,1967

D. June 10,1968

Answer: Option A

Q: Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan?

A. Major General Skindar Mirza

B. Quaid e Azam

C. Liaquat Ali Khan

D. Ghulam Muhammad Khan

Answer: Option A

Q: Taxes on commodities are?

A. Direct taxes

B. Indirect taxes

C. Progressive taxes

D. Proportional taxes

Answer: Option B

Q: Govt. Prepared its budget:

A. Weekly

B. Monthly

C. Annually

D. Quarterly

Answer: Option C

Q: It is a direct tax?

A. Excise tax

B. Sale tax

C. Income tax

D. Custom duty

Answer: Option C

Q: Who was the first Commander-in-chief of Pakistan Army?

A. Major General Sir Douglas Gracy

B. Major General Azam khan

C. Lt. General Hayat khan

D. Frank Messervy

Answer: Option D

Q: When the name of Lyallpur was changed to Faisalabad?

A. September 1,1977

B. August 1, 1978

C. January 1,1979

D. March 1,1980

Answer: Option A

Q: In which city of Pakistan King George VI was crowned on May 6, 1937?

A. Lahore

B. Rawalpindi

C. Multan

D. Peshawar

Answer: Option C

Q: Which tax is not shared between central and provincial governments?

A. Excise tax

B. Sales tax

C. Custom duty

D. Property tax

Answer: Option D

Q: Which is a provincial tax in Pakistan?

A. Excise tax

B. Sales tax

C. Custom duty

D. Motor token tax

Answer: Option D

Q: The famous cultural place Harappa is situated near?

A. Multan

B. Lahore

C. Kasur

D. Sahiwal

Answer: Option D

Q: Identify the occasion with regard to “Yaum Furqan” in the history of Pakistan?

A. March 23,1940

B. August 14,1947

C. August 14.1973

D. None of above

Answer: Option A

Q: The budget estimate prepared by the ministry of finance is finally approved by?

A. State Bank

B. President

C. Senate

D. National Assembly

Answer: Option D

Q: Devaluation means:

A. Change in the currency of a country

B. Decrease in the value of gold

C. Decrease in the value of money in terms of foreign currency

D. Decrease in the value of money internally

Answer: Option C

Q: When the central Board of Revenue (CBR) was established?

A. 1st April, 1924

B. 7th April, 1924

C. 6th April, 1924

D. 9th April, 1924

Answer: Option A

Q: Masjid Wazir Khan situated in which city of Pakistan?

A. Peshawar

B. Karachi

C. Lahore

D. Faisalabad

Answer: Option C

Q: What is the highest civil award in Pakistan?

A. Nishan e Pakistan

B. Nishan e Haider

C. Sitra Khidmat

D. Nishan e Juriat

Answer: Option A

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