General Knowledge & Geography MCQs

General Knowledge & Geography MCQs

What is “Armageddon”
a. a final battle between nations which will end the world 
b. A last day of the Universe
c. A name of Film
d. A nation Surrounded by Mountains

Who Defeated the Mongols in 14th Century ?
a. Khawarzim Shah
b. Rakh ud din Berber 
c. Zaheer Ud Din Babar
d. Sher Shah Suri

Akhori Dam is located in ?
a. GB
b. KPK
c. Baluchistan
d. Punjab

Who is the conqueror of Central Asia ?
a. Saad Bin Abi Waqas
b. Qatiba Bin Muslim
c. Abu Abaida bin Jarah
d. Umar Bin Aas

The Muslim People of Sinkiang Province are called
a. Uighur 
b. Bantu
c. Hutu
d. Berber

General Knowledge & Geography MCQs

What is the name of the place where World Trace Center (USA) was located ?
a. Ground Zero
b. Paradise Point
c. Golden Point
d. Golden City Point

Hiffa is the Seaport of ?
a. Iraq
b. Syria
c. Israel 
d. Jordan

Which cities of Iran and Pakistan are linked through railway line ?
a. Quetta & Zedan
b. Chaman & Tehran
c. Quetta & Sheraz
d. Peshawar & Zedan

In which year European rulers captured Palestine from the Muslims in Crusade War ?
a. 1095
b. 1099
c. 1115
d, 1199


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