General Knowledge & Pak Study MCQs

General Knowledge & Pak Study MCQs

Tic-Tac-Toe is ….. –
a. 1st Digital Clock
b. 1st graphical game
c. China’s Traditional Game
d. 1st Bicycle Name

Largest country in Central Asia ?
a. China
b. Japan
c. India
d. Kazakhstan

Mauna Kea is in which country/countries? –
a. United States
b. United Kingdom
c. France
d. Germany

Among these SAARC countries which is not land locked?
(a) Bhutan (b) Nepal
(c) Sri Lanka (d) None of the above

Basin is a low land area. Which are the largest basins in the
face of the earth?
(a) Seas (b) Oceans
(c) Rivers (d) None of the above

These are only two double land-locked countries in the world.
Double land locked means a land-locked country which is
also surrounded by land locked neighbouring countries.
Name both the countries?
(a) Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein
(b) Uzbekistan and Chad
(c) Uzbekistan and Mali
(d) Liechtenstein and Chad.

A large coral reef containing islands encompassing a sea water lagoon is named:
(a) Arctic (b) Atoll
(c) Bank (d) Alpin

A large group of islands is known as
(a) Peninsula (b) Archipelago
(c) Strait (d) Channel

General Knowledge & Pak Study MCQs

Bangladesh has a dispute over the construction of a dam on
Naaf river with:
(a) India (b) Myanmar
(c) Nepal (d) China

Which waterway gives the source of terrestrial moisture?
(a) Ocean (b) Rivers
(c) Lakes (d) Canals

Rainfall related to mountains is:
(a) Orographic rainfall (b) Normal rainfall
(c) Monsoon rains (d) Cyclonic rainfall

The earth’s rotation on its axis is from:
(a) South to North (b) North to South
(c) East to West (d) West to East

Which is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere?
(a) Ist January (b) 22nd December
(c) 30th December (d) 1st December

“Madagascar” is the largest island in the:
(a) Pacific Ocean (b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean (d) Arctic Sea

In which continent is the Alps mountains to be found?
(a) Asia (b) Africa
(c) Australia (d) Europe

The biggest desert “Sahara” is in:
(a) America (b) Australia
(c) Africa (d) Asia

“Antarctica” is situated in the:
(a) North Pole (b) South Pole
(c) Eastern Hemisphere (d) Western Hemisphere

When one place on the earth is on a bigger eastern longitude
then its time will be:
(a) Ahead
(b) Behind
(c) Equal to the time of other place
(d) Exactly one day behind than

“Zardak” is the highest peak of:
(a) Karakoram range (b) Sulaiman range
(c) Kirthar range (d) Hindukush range

‘49th Parallel’ is a boundary line between:
(a) North and South Korea
(b) China and Mongolia
(c) Germany and Poland
(d) USA and Canada

The distance of longitude represents how many minutes
difference in time:
(a) 10 minutes (b) 4 minutes
(c) 15 minutes (d) 1 minute

The season changes because of the:
(a) Moon is revolving round the earth
(b) Earth is revolving round its axis
(c) Earth is revolving round the sun
(d) Planet Mars is attracting the sun

What is meant by “Equinox”?
(a) The longest day
(b) The shortest day
(c) The sun-month long day
(d) Equal duration of day and night

“Broadway” (New York U.S.A.) is the world’s largest:
(a) Theatre (b) Thoroughfare
(c) Museum (d) Gymnaseum

Which city is called “City of seven hills”?
(a) New York (b) London
(c) Paris (d) Rome

“Darwin” is the seaport of:
(a) Australia (b) France
(c) U.K. (d) Germany

Three Persian Gulf Islands, Abu Mussa, The Greater and
Lesser Tunbs, are disputed between:
(a) Iran and Iraq (b) Iran and U.A.E.
(c) Iraq and Kuwait (d) Qatar and Bahrain

The longest river in South Asia is:
(a) The Ganges (b) The Indus
(c) The Brahm putra (d) The Sutlej

Which of the following Sufi saints belong to “Chistia order”?
(a) Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakariya
(b) Hazrat Shah Rukn-i-Alam
(c) Hazrat Farid-ud-Din Ganj Shakar
(d) None of the above

‘Kyoto Protocol’ is an international treaty relating to:
(a) Child labour abuses
(b) Environmental problems
(c) Elimination of chemical and biological weapons
(d) Women’s rights

SURMA is the name of.
(a) River (b) Desert
(c) Mountain (d) Island

Deccan Plateau is in:
(a) Europe (b) Asia
(c) Australia (d) Africa


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