General Science and General Knowledge MCQs

General Science and General Knowledge MCQs

a. Virtual
b. Simple
c. Satanic
d. Honest

Obdurate ?
a. Docile
b. flexible
c. Obscure
d. Stubborn

Cheeky ?
a. Impure
b. Impudent
c. Impressive
d. Impassable

Rebate ?
a. Cheap
b. Expensive
c. Inflation
d. Discount

Who was the Mongol ruler who conquered Persia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia in the 14th Century?
a. Tamerlane
b. Hulagu Khan
c. Genghis Khan
d. Kublai Khan

Which country is an island nation in Asia?
a. Sri Lanka
b. China
c. Turkey
d. India

What is the westernmost country located in Asia?
a. India
b. China
c. Indonesia
d. Turkey

What country is the southernmost in Asia? –
a. India
b. China
c. Indonesia
d. Turkey

What is the largest island in Asia?
a. Greenland
b. Borneo
c. Madagascar
d. Astola

What is the poorest country in South Asia in terms of per capita GNP ?
a. India
b. Pakistan
c. Nepal
d. Maldive

What present-day country was once part of the Persian Empire ?
a. Afghanistan
b. Tajikistan
c. China
d. Uzbekistan

In what ocean does Indonesia lie? –
A. PacificĀ 
B. Atlantic
C. Indian
D. Arctic

_________ is called city of collages.
a. Karachi
b. Lahore
c. Rawalpindi
d. Hyderabad

which is the longest river in Europe….?
A. Thames
B. Volga
C. Danube
D. Disha

Hundred years war was between Britain and __________?
a. America
b. Russia
c. France
d. Australia

Rawalpindi became the temporary capital of pakistan in _______.

For a fixed mass of gass at constant temperature, if we decrease volume, the pressure will
(A) also decrease
(B) increase
(C) remains constant
(D) none of these

Deficiency of Vitamin-A results in
(A) night blindness
(B) rickets
(C) scurvy
(D) hair fall

Long-sight defect could be corrected by using __________ lens.
(A) concave
(B) Convex
(C) diverging
(D) none of these

The SI unit of charge is
(A) Ampere
(B) Coulomb
(C) Ohm
(D) Volt

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