Geographical Knowledge MCQs

Geographical Knowledge MCQs

1. Mauna Kea is in which country/countries? – United States

2. Tic-Tac-Toe is ….. – 1st graphical game

3. ABC (computer) was developed by ? – Atanasoff Berry (ABC- Atanasoff Berry Computer)

4. GPS was developed by? – US Army

5. What is Blue Brain project? – Cloning of human brain

6. What is the symbol for Titanium? – Ti

7. Petra is located in which country? – Jorden

8. Victoria Falls is located between which two countries? – Zambia & Zimbabwe

9. Honshu island is located in which country? – Japan

10. In which year Microsoft Office was launched? – 1989

11. Who invented Compact Disc? – James T Russel

12. Mows is a type of mouse for …….. people – Physically Handicapped People

13. Which of the following is not a scientific optical instrument? – Periscope

14. Which of these contain large quantities of ice? – Comets

15. What do most asteroids orbit? – The Sun

16. Which of these planets has an atmosphere made up of hydrogen, helium, and methane? –Uranus

17. Which of these American astronomers discovered Pluto in 1930? – Clyde Tombaugh

18. Which of these constellations is not in the zodiac? – Alpha Centauri

19. In what constellation is Sirius found? – Canis Major

20. About how many galaxies are there in the universe? – 25 billion

21. The inventor of the World Wide Web? – Tim Berners-Lee

22. What is the chemical name of Chinese salt? – Monosodium Glutamate

23. Which is the purest form of carbon? – Graphite

24. Which is called white poison? – Sugar

25. What is the toxicity caused by silicon called? – Silicosis

26. Which type of plastics can be recycled? – Thermoplastics

27. What is the national airline of Australia? – Qantas

28. In which city is the famous Manneken Pis fountain? – Brussels

29. In which city can you see Michelangelo’s David? – Florence

30. What is called the Jewish candlestick with special religious meaning? – Menorah

31. What is the Kabbalah? – A System of Jewish Mystical Beliefs

32. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? – Michelangelo

33. In which city is the composer Frédéric Chopin buried? – Paris

34. Which dog used to be sacred in China? – Pekingese

35. Urticaria is a skin disease otherwise known as what? – Hives

36. After which animals are the Canary Islands named? – Dogs

37. Where does a car with the letters CH come from? – Switzerland

38. In which military camp is the US gold reserve stored? – Fort Knox

39. Which prehistoric animal does also indicate a large tanker? – Mammoth

40. Between which two places did the first railway track in the UK run? – Stockton to Darlington

41. Which Japanse car brand did exist from 1932 until 1983?  Datsun

42. Which Italian family is in charge of FIAT? – Agnelli

43. Which famous British women murderer of the 19th century was never arrested? – Jack the Ripper

44. On which mountain did Jesus take his last supper? – Golgotha or Calvary

45. What is both a French wine region and a luxury American automobile? – Cadillac

46. For which narrow sea strait is Hellespont the ancient name? – Dardanelles

47. What is the official language in Kosovo? – Albanian

48. Which weekday is domingo in Spanish and dimanche in French? – Sunday

49. How do you say AIDS in French? – Sida

50. In which country is Varig Airlines based? – Brazil

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