Inspector Cooperative Societies Paper by PPSC held on 22-09-2019

Inspector Cooperative Societies Paper by PPSC held on 22-09-2019

1. Capital of Czech Republic?

2. Capital of Albania?

3. Longest river of Pakistan?

4. Siachin glacier is in which range?

5. Roof of the world is?

6. Manora island is in wgich country?

7. Who fired missiles on syria in April 2017?

8. Fez is the city of?

9. Head of iranian Revolution?

10. Country in the east of pakistan is?

11. The file for word document is? .doc

12. Undo is used to discard.

13. Fatima Jinnnah contested election in?

14. Inaguration of state bank of pakistan?

15. UNESCO for cultural heritage

16. Kofi Anan was from?

17. Head office of international aviation authority?

18. of OIC is?

19. Green land and antarctica make how much mass of total ice on earth?

20. Who held record of fastest test century with Richards before it was broken?

21.Older name of table tennis was?

22. Land of thousands lakes?

23. Who helped to bulid karakoram highway?

24. Metacarpel bones?

25. Rajab Tayyab as presidant has how many terms?

26. Trump took oath on?

27. First female international pakistan swimmer? Kiran Khan

28. Scotograph is used for?

29. Meaning of leaps and bounds?

30. Name of NWFP changed? 18th ammendment

31. I billion= 1 GB

32. 1 nano meter

33. Abu jehal died in?

34. Imam Bukhari name was?

35. Tebri wrote book?

36. Ghazwa in 2 A.h in Ramzan?

37. Ummul kitab is which surah?

38. Allama Iqbal participated in how many round table conf?

39. AIML and congress? Luckhnow

40. Qamar Javed bajwa belongs to? Infantry or artillery

41. 10 Downing street?

42. Jeruslam is holy city of? All jews christ and muslims

43. Pragmatic synonym

44. Deterioration antonym

45. Correct spelling of embarrass

46. First governor sindh?

47. Quaid joined AIML

48. who wrote Bande Mataram

49. WTO office?

50. Cat family which preys in group? Lion

51. Synonym of Dearth?

52. Emancipate meaning?

53. Origin of species written by?

54. Put ones hand in plough meaning?

55. Venus hottest planet

56. Astore is in GB

57. Gawadar in makran division

58. Division of Punjab= 9

59. To insert sound in dicument, we use method

60. Amnesty int. Is working on?

61. Farnandis Macos was presidant of?

62. Total UNO menber?

63. Security council total and non permanent members?

64. According to

65. خاک ہو جائیں گے ہم تم کو خبر ہونے تک کس کا شعر ہے؟

66۔ نیل بے مراد کا کیا مفہوم ہے؟ اس سے ملتی جلتی اصطلاح تھی

67۔الف نون کس کی کتاب ہے؟

68۔ ابن خطاب کیا ہے؟ کنیت

69۔ قاضی جی کس کی تخلیق ہے؟ شوکت تھانوی

70۔ کاغذ کھولنا کا کیا مطلب ہے؟

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