Junior Clerk S&GD PPSC PAPER

Junior Clerk S&GD PPSC PAPER

Some question Today paper of junior clerk in civil sectriate..

Junior Clerk S&GD

1. Albania capital is Tirana.

2. Battle of Uhad on 3rd A.H

3. Australia’s city Sydney.

4. Linux is Operating System.

5. Copy key is Ctrl+C.

6. Paste key is Ctrl+V.

7. Ctrl+Y is Redoing key.

8. St Petesburg is in Russia.

9. Collosseaum are in Rome.

10. Father of Internet is Vint Cerf.

11. Qwerty keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes.

12. Jannat ul Baqi is in Madina.

13. Chaburji was built by Aurangzaib.

14. Shalamar Gardens are built by Mughal.

15. Hydrophobia is a symptom to Rabies.

16. Shahid Afridi fastest century on 37 balls.

17. Wi-Fi is wireless fidelity.

18. DOS is Disk Operating System.

19. longest mountain range in the world above sea level is Andes.

20. Mah-e-Tamam was written by Parveen SHakir.

21. Allama Iqbal’s Masjid Qurtaba is in Baal-e-Jibreel.

22. What is the average of 5/6, 4/3, 3/4 35/36.

23. (-20)+(-8)/(-2)*3=-8

24. 40,000 annual 3% then 4 years interest will be 4800.

25. Joy Stick is an input device.

26. Joy stick is used as an alternative Mouse.

27. How to check weather report in window 2007(Gadget)

28. Which Function key used for help (F1)

29. Which key used for close the open run dialog box (Escape)

30. Shape of comments in Microsoft word file (Baloon)

31. Ctrl+L (left alignment)

32. By default language of MS word (USA English)

33. Electronic file (soft Copy)

34. File manager is a (window Explorer)

35. Conversation between two person through a channel simutenously (Full Duplex)

36. Add hardware is in (Control Pannel)

37. Permanent Data store in (Hard Disk)

38. Data storage like Hard disk is CD Flopy Disk Compact disk ans (all)

39. In Email after name we use symbel (@)

40. Slide moves in power point (Slide Transition)

41. Which Technology used in 4th Generation (Microprocessor)

42. his data type allow alpha numeric and symbols in data base (Text)

43. When creating a new table which method can be used in data base (Create table using wizard)

44. Sorting of data Alpha , Numeric , Date and time ans (all)

45. Rows in MS Excel as (1,2,3…)

46. Which key use for extended selection using right arrow (Shift)

47. Internet browsing AVI not sure

48. First Book of Faiz Ahmed Faiz ( Naqsh e Faryadi )

49. Tasghayar konsa h? Ankyh, Piayala, Tokri???

50. Do it as roman do in room Jesi Krani wesi bharni

51. Gandhi started in 1942 (Quit India Movement)

52. Gandhi Jinnah Talk in 1944 Discuss Cr Fomula (Raj Gopal Acharya)

53. How many time volleyball player warms up with ball came in is tarha ka koi q tha

54. Olympic Event 2020 no??

55. Satpara lake is in (Sakardu)

56. Bolan pass is situated in (Balochistan)

57. Most number of archipelogical country (Indonesia)

58. First Governer General of Pakistan (Quaid e Azam)

59. Sana is the news agency of (Syria)

60. All India muslim league founded in (Dhaka)

61. Erath is the ____ biggest in solar system (5th)

62. Univercity of Karachi established in (1951)

63. WWF stands for (World Wildlife Fund)

64. Archuke Franzic Ferdinand (World War 1)

65. Solve the series 4,9,16,25….(36)

66. 3+3*3-3+3 (12)

68. Bala Hisar Fort is in (Peshawar)

69. A bike travel 200 km in 1 hours How much time to cover 120 km (36 minutes).

70. Synonym of Infringe is violation.

71. Synonym of Eradicate is eliminate.

72. Who is knocking at the door.

73. It is cool in May.

74. Colombus discovered America.

75. A virus is a form of? Computer program

76. Iraqi PM declared victory against ISIS in?? Mosul

77. Mao Chairman is from China.

78. Most Urban province Sindh.

79. Jacob Zuma president of South Africa.

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