Labour Inspector PPSC 04.08.19

Labour Inspector PPSC 04.08.19

Labour inspector paper

1 Badminton court lenght *13.4m*

2 badminton shuttlecock feathers *16*

3 ahemd mujtaba *MMA* marshel art

4 genoa *iltay* ki port

5 salahudin aybi mazar *Damascus*

6 Al-imran rakuh *20*

7 Hassan bin sabit tribe banu *khiraj*

8 Muslim Shaheed in *badr 14*

9 Nisab zakat *7.5 gold 52.5 silver*

10 book of imam hanbel *musand*

11 bile store in *ball galander*

12 vessels take blood away from heart *artiries*

13 traspass synonym infringe, etc all of these ✅

14 great beerier reef *Australia*

15 Cuba president *Miguel Diaz*

16 USA constitution convention in *philedelphia*

17 EIGE EU for *gender equality*

18 Country without River *all of these Kuwait, yaman, Qatar*

19)one of great lake of north America *lake huron, lake erie*

20, bagram base *Afghanistan*

21, fielding coach *grand branburn*

22 father is twice than his son…. *44 years*

23 a train moving speed 60kmh passes a pole in 9 sec lenght of train *150m*

24 ay watan k sajeelay written by *Jamal ul din Ali*

25 kkhak or khoon written by *naseen hijazi*

26 2nd constitution promulgated on *june 1962*

27 bicameral system in *1973*

28 3rd constitution promulgated in *14 August 1973*

29 add a new slide in ppt *ctrl M*

30 ushar *agri land*

31 pm Malaysia *mahatir Muhammad*

32 T20 champion 2016 *West indies*

33 tubman humanitrians belong to *USA*

34 over coat *ghulam Abbas*

35 excel use for *spreadsheet*

36 Japan in which continent *Asia*

37 shikwa jawab e shikwa in *bang-dara*

38 abless ki majlis *Iqbal*

39 *21/29* large ratio

40 which one is odd 8,27,64,100,125,216 Ans *100*

41 native Australian called *Aboriginal*

42 voice president of pak *noorul amin*

43 end governer *general khawaja najamudin*

44 1921 Moplah *Rebellion khalafat movement*

45 quit India movement start by *congress*

46 fifa 2022 *Qatar*

47 red cross motto in *war charity*

48 flag never half mist *Saudi Arabia*

49 7% of *300* is 21

50 last king of Afghanistan *zahir shah*

51- *virtual reality* some thing about 3-d model

52 biggest coastalline *balochistan*

53 area of pakistan *796096*

54 1km= *1000m*

55 this work is *beyond* his capacity

56 his voice gets on my *nerves*

57 he is interested *in* coin collection

58 biggest princely state of union India *hyderabad daccan*

59 Azad kashmir government setup in *24 Oct 1947*

State Bank in 1 July 1948

60 let’s sleeping *dogs* lie

61 you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it *drink*

62 direct indirect,

*he says Switzerland is heaven on earth.*

63 living history *cilton*

64 Sindh chaddar called *ajrak*

65 ay jay likhay parhay qawad ki roh say Kiya hai *ism mazarh*

66 nazam k meaning *muzam karna, tarteb Dena*

67 tuwaf-e-maqtab qawad ki roh say Kia hai. *Na tajurba kar*

68 bassi karri mein ubal Ana, *Der say hosh Ana like that*

69 hum shagir meaning *hum awaz*

69 famous city of Turkey *Istanbul*

71 jotiyan chatkhna *maray maray phirna&

72 If A Metal Can Be Drawn Into Wires Relatively Easily It Is Called *Ductile*

73 North Korea change its time zone for *unity*

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