MCQs About Football

MCQs About Football

General Knowledge

1. Which football team plays its home games at Wembley? – England
2. What is the nickname of Burnley F.C.? – Clarets
3. Where do you usually find football news in a newspaper? – The back page
4. Which country has won the World Cup the most times? – Brazil
5. What is the name of the white dot right in the middle of a football pitch?
Centre Spot
6. Which of these is not a popular children’s football magazine? – Goal
7. Who was England’s manager at the 2010 World Cup? – Fabio Capello
8. In what year did England win their first and only World Cup? – 1966
9. At which team did Wayne Rooney start his professional football career?
10. Which footballer has ‘written’ the most books? – David Beckham
11. Which team has been in the top English league for longer than any other?
12. What does the title of the magazine called FourFourTwo mean? – A team
13. Which country calls football ‘calcio’? – Italy
14. What is the nickname of Derby County F.C.? – The Rams
15. Which footballer’s wife has not written a book? – Gerrard
16. Before South Africa, how many World Cups had been played in Africa? – None
17. What football team does the author of the Foul Play books, Tom Palmer,
– Leeds United
18. Where was the first ever World Cup held in 1930? – Uruguay in South America
19. Where does the word ‘soccer’ come from? – Association Football
20. Which was the last team to win the English league before the Premier League
was born?
– Leeds United
21. Which African country is featured in Tom Palmer’s book, Off Side? – Ghana
22. What team does Prince William support? – Aston Villa
23. What is the Euro 2016 slogan? – Le Rendez-Vous
24. What is the nickname of York City F.C.? – The Minstermen
25. Name the only team that entered the qualification stage for the first time?
26. Which EURO 2016 team are nicknamed ‘the eagles’? – Albania
27. Wayne Rooney became England’s all-time leading scorer during a 2-0 victory
against Switzerland in the qualifications – what did it bring his England goal total
– 50
28. Wales scored 11 goals in qualifying for EURO 2016 – how many of these did
Gareth Bale score?
– 7
29. Which team will play against Portugal, Hungary and Austria in ‘Group F’?
30. Which country beat England on penalties in the EURO 2012 quarter-finals?
31. In which city do England play Wales? – Lens
32. Robert Lewandowski of Poland scored the most goals in the qualification rounds
– which club side does he play for?
– Bayern Munich
33. Defeat to which team in October 2014 ended Spain’s 36-match unbeaten run in
World Cup and EURO qualifying fixtures?
– Slovakia
34. What is the nickname of Scunthorpe United F.C.? – The Iron
35. How many teams have won the UEFA European Championship more than once?
– Three (France, Spain and Germany)
36. In 2007, Ajax decided to retire which number shirt in honour of Cruyff?
Number 14
37. Which football club did Paul Gascoigne briefly manage in 2005? – Kettering
38. Which team moved into the light in 1997, following 99 years at Roker Park?
39. In which city is Estadio Centinario located which hosted the finals of first World
– Montevideo
40. Which Italian football club did Dennis Law once play for? – Torino
41. Which Argentinian star got to wear the No 10 jersey after the retirement of
Maradona from the Argentinian squad?
– Ariel Ortega
42. Paul Ince captained which football club from 1997 to 1999? – Liverpool
43. Which English striker scored a hat trick in the 1966 World Cup Final? – Geoff
44. Which Premiership club were the first to give up a shirt sponsorship fee – in
order to promote a charity beween 2008/2010?
– Aston Villa
45. Who scored the infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal? – Diego Maradonna
46. For which club did Scottish professional footballer Danny McGrain play?
47. Which football club did English internationals Peter Shilton, John Gregory and
Seth Johnson all once play for? –
Derby County
48. What is the nickname of Fleetwood Town F.C.? – The Cod Army
49. Name the most Northerly Scottish Premiership Club? – Ross County
50. Which English League club did Ian Botham play for? – Scunthorpe United

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