MCQs About Inventions & Discovery

MCQs About Inventions & Discovery

1. To an astronaut, the outer space appears – Black

2. Blood Circulation was discovered by – William Harvey

3. W.Harvey discovered by – Circulation of blood

4. Typewriter was invented by – Sholes

5. Thermo Flask was invented by – Dewar

6. Cholera Bascillus was invented by – Robert Koch

MCQs About Inventions & Discovery

7. The cause of Beri Beri was discovered by – Eijkman

8. Atomic theory was devised by – John Dalton

9. Simpson and Harrison are associated with the invention of – Chloroform

10. Streptomycin was invented by – Walksman

11. Deficiency of iodine cause – Thyroid malfunction

12. The Solar System was discoverd by – Copernicus

13. Landstrom invented – Safety Match

MCQs About Inventions & Discovery

14. Bicycle was invented by – Macmillan

15. Toricelli invented – Barometer

16. Penicillin was invented by Fleming in the year – 1929

17. Fax machine was invented by – Bain

18. Crescograph is an instrument to record – Plant growth

19. The most abundant element on the earth crust is – Oxygen

20. D.D.T. was invented by – Paul Muller

21. Helicopter was invented by – Broquet

22. Homoeography was invented by – Hahneman

23. Telegrahic code was introduced by – Thomas Moore

24. Lift was invented by – Otis

25. Analytical Engine was invented by – Charles Babbage

26. The term ‘Pentium’ is related to – Microprocessor

27. ‘LAN’ mean – Local Area Network

28. Java is a – Programming Language

29. What is the shortcut key of printing a document for computer having windows – Ctrl + P

30. What does HTTP stands for – Hypertext Transfer Protocol

31. A Web site’s main page is called –Home Page

32. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a – cell

33. The base of the hexadecimal number system is – 16

34. Allocation of a resources in a time dependent manner to several program simultaneously
called – Time sharing

35. Data that are accumulated and processed in group called – Batch Processing

36. 1024 bytes equals – 1 KB
37. Personal computers can be connected together to form a – Network

38. The steps and tasks needed to process data, such as responses to questions or clicking an icon,
are called – Instructions

39. Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are examples of – Application software

40. The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without
this access is known as the – Digital divide

41. The value of Gold is determined in – London

42. The currency notes are printed in – Nasik

43. Which is the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan

44. Kalahari Desert is in – South Africa

45. The system of dual citizenship exists in – USA

46. The longest mountain range in the world is – The Andes

47. The most populous city in the world is – Tokyo

48. How many teeth a horse has – Forty

49. The first animal to go into space was – Dog

50. The highest waterfall of the world is – Angel

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