MCQs Model Paper No. 52


Model Paper No. 52

Urdu, English, GK,Pak Affaris,
Math, Islamic Study, General Science, etc

What do you call the hybrid offspring of a female tiger a male lion ?
a. Liger
b. Tigon
c. Ligon
d. Ounce

Name the Nazi leader known as the Butcher of Lyon ?
a. Klaus Furby
b. Klaus Sindy
c. Klaus Barbie
d. Klaus Pokemon

The Angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock, when the time is 08:30 ?
a. 80
b. 60
c. 75
d. 180

Who convened a meeting of Muslim Leaders to discuss the possibilities of a Muslim Political party in India ?
a. Saleem Ul Malik
b. Sir Agha Khan
c. Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan
d. Waqar ul Mulk

Which of these are nicknamed as “Breton Woods Twins” ?
c. WTO & IMF

if the difference between 5 times and 9 times of a number is 24 the number is ?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

Which of the following pass connects Sindh Plain with Quetta ?
a. Boroghill Pass
b. Kilik Pass
c. Khan Kun Pass
d. Bolan Pass

What is the most unusual tourist attraction at Lake Havasu City, Arizona ?
a. A Well preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton
b. London Bridge
c. Oxford University
d. Tar pits

One of the main characters of “Silk Letter Conspiracy” (1913-20) was ?
a. Ismael Shaheed
b. Ubaid Ullah Sindhi
c. Hakeem Ajmal Khan
d. Inayat Ullah Mashrqi

Who was the first secretary general of OIC ?
a. Hassan Al Tuhami
b. Tanku Abdul rehman
c. Syed Sharif ud Din Pirzada
d. Habib Chatty

Cataract, an eye disease, appeared to have occurred if ?
a. Eyes water too much
b. long or short sight is radically affected
c. the eyes remain swollen and aching
d. general vision has become excessively

Sound waves in air are ?
a. Transverse waves
b. Longitude waves
c. Both
d. None

Nitrogen gas was discovered by ?
a. J Priestley
b. Dr Philip Drinker
c. RC Funk
d. Daniel Rutherford

Dry air is ?
a. good conductor of electricity
b. bad conductor of electricity
c.perfect insulator
d. perfect conductor

Humidity is ?
a. Discomfort due to heat
b. excess of heat in atmosphere
c. presence of water vapor in the air
d. absence of water vaporous in the air

A symbol having a fixed numerical Critical values is called ?
a. Variable
b. Literals
c. Constant
d. Binomial

If I _____ you, i would not lose temper.
a. was
b. were
c. had been
d. would be

I don’t like milk, so I ______ fear for breakfast.
a. generally drink
b. am generally drinking
c. had generally drunk
d. was generally drinking

Your father says”I have four sons” but you say ” I have only three brothers” Who is wrong ?
a. Father
b. Son
c. Both
d. None

A is the father of B, but B is not A’s Son what is the relationship of B to A ?
a. Father
b. Mother
c. Daughter
d. Step Brother

A Tool for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts is a ______
a. Spanner
b. Screwdriver
c. Chisel
d. Hammer

“Dum Dum” International Airport is in ?
a. Amsterdam
b. Calcutta
c. Dublin
d. Paris

Who Inaugurated the Protestant Reformation in the Christianity?
a. Martin Luther
b. Edward Jenner
c. Francis Bacon
d. William Harvey

The country which introduced competitive examinations for the selection of Public Servants for the first time, was ?
a. U.K
b. USA
c. France
d. China

“Euclid” was an ancient Greek ?
a. Dramatist
b. General
c. Geometer
d. Spiritual leader

Tanda Dam built in 1965 on river ?
a. Dasht
b. Kohat-tol
c. Soan
d. Kurram

a. A Stupid Person
b. A Pilot
c. A Proud Monarch
d. A Genius

SECP is the regulatory authority of ?
a. Stock Market
b. NGOs
c. Media Business
d. Import and Export

Peter Drucker is considerd to be the “guru” of ?
a. Architecture
b. Development Economics
c. Management
d. Movie Making

Animal Husbandry University of Pakistan is located ?
a. Lahore
b. Karachi
c. Hyderabad
d. Faisalabad

Who is supposed to pay “Fatrana’ of Minor children ?
a. Themselves
b. Mother
c. Father
d. No one

Suleman the magnificent was a King of which Dynasty ?
a. Abbasid
b. Ummayiad
c. Mughal
c. Ottoman

The Third battle fought between Muslim of Medina and Quraish of Mecca was ?
a. Uhad
b. Khandakk
c. Khyber
d. Tabook

Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy lost support at home because its government did not extend support in 1956 to ?
a. Saudi Arabia
b. Iran
c. Palestine
d. Egypt

In Suhrawardy Cabinet Mir Ghulam AH Talpur, Sardar Amir Azam Khan, Jaffar Shah, Syed Amjad Ali and Feroz Khan Noon belonged to ?
a. Awami Party
b. Republican Party
c. Mizqam e Islam Party
d. Muslim League

From 1950 to 1958 Pakistan passed through a period of political instability and witnessed only one Commander In chief but ?
a. Five Prime Minister
b. Seven Prime Minister
c. Six Prime Minister
d. Nine Prime Minister

“Pakistan main Intizamia Kaa Zawal” a book about the state of bureaucracy in Pakistan is Written by ?
a. Aitzaz Ahsan
b. Dr Liaqat Ali Khan Niazi
c. Anees Nagi
d. Inayat Elahi Malik

After the death of Quaid e Azam the next President of the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was ?
a. Liaqat Ali Khan
b. Sir Zafar Ullah Khan
c. Maulvi Tameez U Din
d. Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani

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