MCQs Model Paper No. 53

MCQs Model Paper No. 53

General Grammar MCQs
Phrasal Verbs MCQs
Prepositions MCQs
Determiners MCQs
Idioms MCQs

I can ______recommend their service.
a. high
b. highly
Highly is similar to very much. It shows an extreme degree.

He was _______punished for his crimes.
a. just
b. justly
Justly is the adverb for the meaning ‘in accordance with justice or the law.’

She danced ______into the room.
a. happy
b. happily
We use the adverb happily to modify the verb danced.

They walked right ______the desert.
a. over
b. through
c. across
Across means on or to the other side of a flat area or surface.

Why are you always cutting ……………………………… on my conversations?
To cut in is to interrupt someone who is speaking.

Her relationship with her family is falling _____
a. off
b. apart
c. up
To fall apart is to break into parts.

We drove home to get ______from the crowd.
a. off
b. away
c. out
To get away is to escape a place

It took her quite some time to get _____her loss.
a. off
b. over
c. out
To get over something is to stop feeling bad about something terrible that has happened in the past.

The newly opened restaurant is giving ______ free coupons.
a. up
b. out
c. away
To give away is to distribute.

She held _____her disappointment.
a. back
b. off
c. over
To hold back your feelings is to hide them.

Who will ____the drinks?
a. pay
b. pay for
We pay for something that is bought.

He wasn’t very nice ______me when we met yesterday.
a. with
b. to
With is not used after words which say how people act towards others.

If you always cry _____, no one will be there to help you when you actually need it.
a. tiger
b. fox
c. wolf
To cry wolf is to ask for help when you don’t need it.

Cut him some _____After all, he is a mere child.
a. ice
b. space
c. slack
To cut someone some slack is to not judge them too harshly.

_____students hate mathematics.
a. Most
b. Much
c. The most
When most means the majority of, it is not used with the.

Ayesha is the _____popular girl in the class.
a. most
b. more
c. much

Is there ____water in the pond?
a. any
b. some
Any is used in questions and negative sentences.

She has got only _____friends.
a. a few
b. a less
c. a fewer
We use a few before a countable noun.

There aren’t _____apples on the tree.
a. many
b. much
Many is used before a countable noun.

I found ______blackberries than you.
a. more
b. most
c. much
We use more before the comparative expression than.

We haven’t got _____money.
a. much
b. more
c. most
Much is used before an uncountable noun.


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