MCQs Model Paper No. 54

MCQs Model Paper No. 54


Urdu, English, GK,Pak Affaris,
Math, Islamic Study, General Science, etc

Which famous person from history opened the 1936 Olympic Games? 
a. Adolf Hitler
b. Winston Churchill 
c. Roosevelt 
d. Mussolini

In which sport are competitors not allowed to play left handed?
a. Polo
b. Baseball
c. Ice Hockey
d. Golf

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) went to Syria with Hazrat Abu-Talib (RA) at the age of
(A) 12 years
(B) 15 years
(C) 24 years
(D) 35 years

Substances which bring down the body temperature are know as ?
a. Antipyretics 
b. Analgesics 
c. Antibiotics 
c. Formalin

Which of the following strait joins the red sea and Persian Gulf ?
a. Bering Strait 
b. Bab ul Mandab Strait 
c. Bosphorous Strait
d. Davis Strait

Vitamins were discovered by ?
a. Moseley 
b. Chadwick
c. Frank Whittle 
d. Casimir Funk

Why Aberdeen city of England is an important city ?
a. Industrial city
b. Seaport 
c. Famous as Granite City
d. All of these

Schwab Klaus was the found of ?
a. Red Cross
b. Amnesty International 
c. World Economic Forums 
d. Human Right Watch

Which of the following countries is the world’s largest producer of coal ? 
a. Russia
b. China
c. Pakistan
d. USA

Who is know as the father of English poetry ? 
a. Geoffrey Chaucer 
b. John Milton
c. John Keats
d. Shakespeare

Ashab-us-sabt means ? 
a. Jews
b. Christians 
c. Muslims
d. Sabieen

The word Mughal derives from Mongol meaning any one from ?
a. Western Asia
b. Southern Asia 
c. Central Asia
d. Middle East

Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last known Mughal emperor, He ascended the throne of Delhi in the year ?
a. 1835
b. 1837
c. 1849
d. 1853


What is the unit of measuring the energy requirements of a human body ?
a. Erg
b. Joule
c. Kilowatt
d. Calorie

What gives the human brain its energy ? 
a. Certain proteins 
b. Glucose 
c. Vitamin C 
b. Phosphorus

Of the following type of teeth used for grinding food ?
a. Canine
b. Molar 
c. Milk Teeth 
d. Incisor

How many bones are there in the spinal column ? 
a. 33 Bones 
b. 42 Bones 
c. 23 Bones 
d. 13 Bones

What is “Khmer Rouge” ? 
a. A Communist movement is Cambodia 
b. Tamil Group in Sri Lanka
c. Irish nationalist Party ?
d. A Port is Singapore

The World’s largest foreign exchange market of ? 
a. USA
b. Germany
c. Japan
d. China

Which city is called the “City of Cosmonauts” ?
a. New York
b. Lahore
c. Moscow 
d. London

Before imposition of first marital law in Pakistan on October 7,1958, the last Prime Minister was ?
a. Malik Feroz Khan Noon
b. Muhammad Ali Bogra 
c. I.I Chandrigar 
d. Mian Mumtaz Daultana

SNAS aviation is the Airline of ? 
a. Saudi Arabia 
b. Slovenia
c. Sweden 
d. Thailand

Isakindar Mirza became the first president of Pakistan ? 
a. 1953
b. 1954
c. 1955
d. 1956

Pakistan became of non permanent member of Security Council of UNO first time ? 
a. 1947
b. 1948
c. 1950
d. 1952

The Aeronautical Engineering College of PAF is at ? 
a. Risalpur
b. Korangi Creek
c. Kohat
d. Karachi

Pakistan and Iran sought the membership of Baghdad Pact in 1955 which came to be know as ?
c. OIC

Dir is famous of ?
a. Artificial Forests
b. Tidal Forests 
c. Natural Forests
d. Bela forests

After cotton, which is the second highest foreign exchange earner crop of Pakistan ? 
a. Rice
b. Wheat 
c. Sugarcane
d. Jute

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