MCQs Model Paper No. 58

MCQs Model Paper No. 58


Urdu, English, GK,Pak Affaris,
Math, Islamic Study, General Science, etc

“Baghalchur” area of Dera Ghazi Khan contains mineral reserves of ?
a. Rock Phosphate 
b. Limestone 
c. Chromite 
d. Uranium

Name the Sikh Maharaja who sent an army under Sher Singh to fight Syed Ahmed Shaheed and his Mujahideen ?
a. Rana Sanga 
b. Arjun Singh
c. Rajeet

In 1866 Darul Aloom Deoband was established in ? 
a. Mosque
b. School
c. College 
d. Madrassah

Height of Lahore from sea level ?
a. 560 Feet
b. 608 Feet
c. 702 Feet
d. 170 Feet

What is Triad ?
a. One member group
b. a two member group
c. a three member group
d. a seven member group

Biopsy is done on ?
a. Tissue taken from a dead body 
b. Tissue taken from the living body 
c. Blood from veins 
d. Blood from arteries

Which of the following gases is most toxic ?
a. Carbon Dioxide
b. Carbon monoxide
c. Sulphur dioxide 
d. Hydrogen

Yasir Arfat remained the President of Palestinian Authority of r almost ? 
a. Six Year
b. Nine Year 
c. Twelve Years
d. Fifteen years

What is the main purpose of white blood corpuscles in our body ? 
a. to carry nutrients
b. to combat infection 
c. to carry oxygen
d. none of these

Steel is more elastic than rubber because ……. ?
a. its density is high
b. it is a metal
c. ration of stress to strain is more 
d. all of the above

Respiratory center is situated in ?
a. Cerebrum
b. Cerebellum 
c. Medulla Oblongata 
d. Diencephalon

The part of the body directly affected by Pneumonia is ? 
a. Bone Tissue
b. Epidermal tissue
c. Nervous System
d. Respiratory System

Biological death of patient means death of tissues of the ……..?
a. Kidney
b. Heart 
c. Lungs 
d. Brain

In brain the site for intelligence, memory and emotion is present in ? 
a. Medulla
b. Cerebellum
c. Cerebrum 
d. Hypothalamus

The Israel brutal attack of Gaza on 27 December 2008 which killed 1300 Palestinians was name ? 
a. Blue Operation
b. Operation Clean up
c. Operation Cast Lead
d. Desert Storm Operation

One of the following diseases concerns the bone marrow and tissues which produce blood corpuscles ?
a. Whooping cough
b. Leukemia
c. Frost-bite
d. None

Which of the following disease is cause by air pollution ?
a. Rheumatism 
b. Goiter
c. Leukemia 
d. Bronchitis

The Name of the disease called Lock Jaw is ……. ? 
a. Hypetropia 
b. Epilepsy
c. Tetanus
d. Apoplexy

How many deserts in Punjab ?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Historical Derawar fort is located in ________________ district.
a. Bahawalpur
b. Muzaffargarh
c. Layyah
d. Multan


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