MCQs Model Paper No. 64

MCQs Model Paper No. 64

A clear sky is blue because ?
a. red light is scattered more than blue
b. ultra violet light has been absorbed
c. blue light is scattered more than red 
d. blue light has been absorbed

As a person becomes older his blood pressure generally ? 
a. increase 
b. decreases
c. remains the same 
d. none of them

Coronary heart disease is most often found in persons suffering from ?
a. anemia
b. hemophilia
c. high blood pressure 
d. low blood pressure

Which of the following types of forests account for most of the total forest area in the world ?
a. Deciduorjs 
b. Littoral
c. Broad-leaved
d. Coniferous

In which type of climate are coniferous forests found ?
a. Savanna
b. Mediterranean
c. Siberian
d. Hot desert

Alas! Hello! Hurrah! Ah! Etc are called ? 
a. Conjunction
b. Interjection
c. Exclamations 
d. None

What is the period of the lunar month ?
a. 27.32 days
b. 27.50 days
c. 30 days
d. 29.53 days

Friendship Bridge on Oxus river connects ?
a. Uzbekistan & Afghanistan
b. Pakistan & Kazakhstan
c. Russia & Afghanistan
d. China & Russia

The most malleable metal is ? 
a. copper 
b. silver
c. gold
d. iron

Which prayer is offered when the shadow of a man equal to his height ?
a. Zuhar
b. Asar
c. Maghrib
d. Chashat

The founder of wiki-leaks (Julian Assange) belongs to ? 
a. Australia
b. New Zealand
c. England
d. USA

A small piece of potato is called ?
a. Scrap
b. Bit
c. Chip
d. Chunk

In George W Bush, W stand for ? 
a. William 
b. Wilson
c. Waston 
d. Walker

Before the discovery of America the old world did not use ? 
a. Potato
b. Horses
c. Bulls
d. Apples

Who among the following was a poet of the Italian Renaissance?
A. Rossetti
B. Virgil
C. Homer
D. A Dante

Denmark is Situated in?
A. Eastern Europe
B. Western Europe
C. Northern Europe
D. Southern Europe

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