کاروباری بددیانتی کے باعث کس پیغمبر کی قوم پر عذاب اترا ؟
ا۔ حضرت لوظ ؑ
ب۔ حضرت نوح ؑ
ج۔ حضرت ہودؑ
د۔ حضرت شعیب ؑ

کس سورۃ میں ارشادربانی ہے کہ امانتیں امانتداروں تک پہنچا دو
ا۔ البقرہ
ب۔ المومنون
ج۔ النسا
د۔ النصر

قرآن المنازل کن لوگوں کے لیے میقات ہے ؟
ا۔ اہل مدینہ
ب۔ اہل عراق
ج۔ اہل نجد 
د۔ اہل طائف

He was the first to make his clothes available as “Ready to wear” collection, Who is he ?
a. Pierre Cardin 
b. Benetton
c. Armani
d. Acosta

Lake Vostok is a sub glacial lake located in ?
a. China
b. USA
c. Russia
d. Antarctica

Who is the first Secretary General elected from the rankers Staff of United Nations ?
a. U Thant
b. Dr. Kurt Waldheim
c. Kofi Annan 
d. Javier Perez De Cuellar

Which one of the following scientists started the modern system of using symbols for the elements ?
a. Ernest Rutherford
b. John Dalton

World Tourism Day ?
a. 15th November
b. 27th September

The Climate of the Pakistan is mostly referred as ?
a. Hot & Dry 
b. Hot & Moist
c. Cold & Dry

Mahan Airline belongs to ?
a. India
b. Bangladesh
c. Iran
d. Afghanistan

Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of:
a. Rover Volga
b. River Danube

” Pristina ” is the capital of
a. East Timor
b. Kosovo

Arboriculture’ is a science of
a. The raisin of silk worms for the production of raw silk
b. The cultivation of trees

“Bristol” is the sea port of ? 
a. USA
b. UK

In the Interim government of 1946 the Health Minister was ?
a. Abdur Rab Nishtar
b. Ghazanfer Ali Khan

Liaqat Ali Khan joined All India Muslim League as member in ?
a. 1923
b. 1927
c. 1931
d. 1937

The Central Muhammadan Association was founded in 1877 by:
a. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
b. Syed Ameer Ali

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