Model Paper No. 67

Model Paper No. 67

Only Cricketer from a test playing Nation to have played more than 100 ODIs but Zero test is ?

a. Chris Gayle

b. Keiron Pollard 

c. Rohit Sharma

d. Harshal Gibs

The archeological site Gobekli Tape is located in ?
A. Iran
B. Turkey
C. Syria
D. Indonesia

The first Pakistani to win a British Open title in Squash was ?
A. Jahan Sher Khan
B. Jahangir Khan
C. Hashim Khan
D. Qurban Khan

A person suffering from laryngitis temporarily loses ?
A. Voice
B. Eyesight
C. Hearing
D. Smelling

Corruption perception index is an annual publication released by ?
a. International Monetary Fund
b. World Bank
c. Transparency International
d. Interpol
Jarmila Wolfe was a famous female player of ?
a. Tennis
b. Table Tennis
c. Badminton
d. Hockey

Model Paper No. 67

The sport often referred to as the sweet Science is ?
a. Wrestling
b. Taekwondo
c. Chess
d. Boxing
Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of number ?
A. 00
B. 01
C. 13
D. 99
The largest plant in our solar system is ?
A. Europa
B. Enceladus
C. Ganymede
D. Lo

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