Musical Rock Quiz

1. Whose 2013 world tour was called ‘The Mrs Carter Show’? – Beyonce
2. What was Madonna’s first UK top ten single? – Holiday
3. Which country pop singer was born Eilleen Regina Edwards? – Shania Twain
4. The live album Beauty and the Beat featured pianist George Shearring and which singer? – Peggy Lee
5. Whose band was the Tijuana Brass? – Herb Alpert
6. Who were Cliff Richard’s backing group through the 60s? – The Shadows
7. Stewart Copeland was the drummer with which band? – The Police
8. Which Welsh singer was born Gaynor Hopkins in June 1951? – Bonnie Tyler
9. Who were the famous backing singers on most of Elvis Presley’s early hits? – The Jordanaires
10. The Stratocaster is a model of which guitar maker? – Fender
11. Which piano-playing singer’s first hit was The Fat Man? – Fats
12. Which singer is married to Trudie Styler? – Sting
13. Which British reggae bandy are best remembered for their successful 1982 single ‘Pass the
Dutchie’? – Musical Youth
14. Which American rock’n’roll star caused controversy when he married a young teenager? – Jerry Lee Lewis
15. Who made the highly rated 1959 jazz album Kind of Blue? – Miles Davis
16. What is the better known stage name of Robyn Fenty? – Rihanna
17. Which musical duo had the albums ‘Rockney’ and ‘A Christmas Knees-Up’? – Chas & Dave
18. Larry Adler played what instrument? – Harmonica
19. Which group’s best-known recording is the 1967 single ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’? – Procol Harum
20. Which singer-songwriter from Sale released the album ‘White Ladder’ in 1998? – David Gray
21. What is the first name of compose Vivaldi? – Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
22. Whose childhood hit was Fingertips? – Stevie Wonder
23. Which guitar innovator and player has a range of Gibson Guitars named after him? – Les Paul
24. The founding brother members of the Kinks were Ray and Dave what? – Davies
25. Who composed the classical piece Peter and the Wolf? – Sergei Prokofiev
26. Which singer was known as Little Miss Dynamite? – Brenda Lee
27. Les Gray was the lead singer of which group? – Mud
28. What was Smokey Robinson’s most famous band called? – The Miracles
29. Who sang the hit theme song Rawhide? – Frankie Laine
30. Which group comprised John Phillips, Denny Doherty, Cass Elliot, and Michelle Phillips? – The Mamas and the Papas
31. London born singer Miss Adkins is better known by what name? – Adele
32. Which singer sang the song ‘Hanky Panky’ form the ‘I’m Breathless’ album? – Madonna
33. John Mayall’s band which helped launch Eric Clapton’s career was called what? – Bluesbreakers
34. Which comedy actor had a novelty hit with My Boomerang Won’t Come Back? – Charlie Drake
35. Who sang with Serge Gainsbourg on the hit Je t’aime? – Jane Birkin
36. American musician Michael Lee Aday is better known by what stage name? – Meatloaf
37. Which X-Factor winner released the winner’s single When We Collide? – Matt Cardle
38. Who rose to fame in 2008 with the release of the single I Kissed a Girl? – Katy Perry
39. Colin Blunstone fronted which 1960s group? – The Zombies
40. Which singer starred as Petty Officer Cora Raikes in the film Battleship? – Rihanna
41. Who was Dionne Warwick’s most famous cousin? – Whitney Houston
42. In which European city was Swedish pop group ABBA formed in 1972? – Stockholm
43. Which later-to-be-famous solo singer and guitarist toured as a member of the Beach Boys in
the mid 60s? – Glen Campbell
44. Who had sang the hit song Little Old Wine Drinker Me? – Dean Martin
45. What famous ‘two-fingered’ jazz guitarist died in 1953? – Django Reinhardt
46. How many strings does a violin usually have? – Four strings
47. Which English rock band, formed in London in 1969, takes its name from a fictional character
in David Copperfield? – Uriah Heep
48. In which American city was Elvis discovered dead in 1977? – Memphis
49. What song, released to promote the film The Millionairess, featured its stars Peter Sellers and
Sophia Loren? – Goodness Gracious Me
50. Who managed the Beatles’ prior to his early death in 1967? – Brian Epstein

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