Olympics & Sports MCQs

Olympics & Sports MCQs

The Wimbledon is played on hard
a. courts
B. grass
C. clay
D. sand

Michael Phelps is a/an __________ swimmer.
A. American
B. English
C. Russian
D. Polish

Michael Phelps has won __________ medals in Olympics.
28 23 gold medals and 28 overall

The name of the building built in place of the former World Trade Center is
A. Trade Inn
B. One World Trade Center
C. World’s Ultimate Trade Center
D. Center for Trade and Union

Novak Djokovic is a tennis player from
a. United States
B. Great Britain
C. Germany
D. Serbia

The headquarter of NASA is located in
a. Washington, D.C.
B. New York
C. Chicago
D. Los Angeles

The French Open is played on hard
a. courts
b. grass
c. clay
d. sand

Which from the following is NOT among the four Grand Slam tournaments?
A. Australian Open
B. French Open
C. Wimbledon
D. Davis Cup

The Grand Slam tournaments are __________ most important annual tennis events.

The athlete who is the most decorated Olympian of all time is
A. Andy Murray
B. Michael Phelps
C. Novak Djokovic
D. Usain Bolt

Roscosmos is the space agency of
A. United States
B. Russia
C. Japan
D. United Kingdom

The Mil Mi-26 helicopter is manufactured by
A. United States
B. United Kingdom
C. Russia
D. Germany

The largest helicopter in the world is
a. CH-47 Chinook
B. Hughes YOH-6A
C. Robinson R44
D. Mil Mi-26

Nokia Mobile business was acquired by
A. Microsoft
B. Google
C. Yahoo
D. Apple

The Chelyabinsk Meteor hit __________ on 15 February 2013.
A. America
B. Canada
C. Mexico
D. Russia

Taksim Square is in ___________ .
A. Cairo
B. Istanbul
C. Tripoli
D. Damascus

The Suez Canal is in
A. Nigeria
B. Libya
C. Egypt
D. Sudan

The headquarter of Transparency International is located in
A. New York
B. Washington
C. Paris
D. Berlin

The oldest news agency in the world is

…… Indian prime minister received the award of Nishan e Pakistan.
A. Jawaharlal Nehru
B. Moraji Desai
C. Sonia Gandhi
D. Atla behari Vajpai

Which of the following is responsible for the largest amount of the oxygen on the earth ?
A. Algae
B. Tree
C. Peat bogs
D. Grass


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