PPSC NTS FPSC Seas and Oceans MCQS

PPSC NTS FPSC Seas and Oceans MCQS

1. The decrease of oxygen in water is referred to as what? – Hypoxia

2. How do deep ocean currents form? – As cold, dense water sinks and flows beneath warm ocean water.

3. What is the movement of polar water a result of? – Differences in density.

4. Which of these is a factor of surface currents? – Earth’s rotation.

5. What kind of energy is passed in wind? – Kinetic energy.

6. What is the apparent curving of the path of oceans and winds due to Earths rotation? – The Coriolis effect.

7. What is the primary food source for coral reefs? – Plankton

9. What role does a skimmer play in cleaning up ocean pollution? – Collecting Floating Pollution

10. Plankton largely reside in what part of the ocean? – Pelagic Zone

11. Which oceanic zones allows photosynthesis? – Epipelagic Zone

12. What is the minimum threshold for the depth of a deep water operation? – 1,500 Feet

13. The “Ring of Fire” is a string of volcanoes in and around what ocean? – Pacific

14. The Bering Strait lies between which two continents? – North America And Asia

15. A large number of islands referred to collectively is a what? – Archipelago

16. An estuary connects the ocean to a what? – River

17. “Ghost fishing” refers to what? – Lost Nets Continuing To Catch Fish

18. A seamount would be found in what part of the ocean? – Near The Coast

19. The OSPAR Convention is short for what? – Oslo And Paris

20. Brine pools in the ocean have an unusually high level of what? – Salt The Strait of Gibraltar
connects the Atlantic Ocean to what sea? – Mediterranean Sea

21. Which ocean is the Coral Sea part of? – Pacific

22. Which ocean surrounds Africa on the east side? – Indian

23. What is the largest island in the Indian Ocean? – Madagascar

24. The definition of “the ocean surface” best fits this geography term? – Sea Level

25. Ireland is bounded by which ocean? – Atlantic Ocean

26. What is the land area that is closest to the ocean generally called? – Beach

27. What gas that you breathe, necessary for life, is also dissolved in ocean water? – Oxygen

28. What keeps the salinity of the ocean the same throughout the year? – Movement Of The Ocean

29. What does wind cause on the surface of the ocean? – Surface Currents

30. What causes deep ocean currents? – Colder Water Sinking

31. What do ship captains use to help them know when it is safe to dock at the ocean’s edge? – Tide Tables

32. What type of ocean animal depends on the movement of water to get food? – Filter Feeder

33. Which animals depends on the ocean currents in order to move? – Jellyfish

34. What did early ocean scientists use to measure the distance to the ocean floor? – Weighted Ropes

35. What are the deepest canyons in the ocean called? – Trenches

36. What is eutrophication as it applies to oceans? – Releasing Chemical Nutrients

37. What is the uppermost ocean zone? – Epipelagic Zone

38. SALM stands for what? – Single Anchor Leg Mooring

39. OPDS stands for what? – Offshore Petroleum Discharge System

40. In what year did the Ocean Drilling Program begin? – 1985

41. In what year did the Deep Sea Drilling Project begin? – 1964

42. What was the goal of Project Mohole? – To Drill Between Crust And Mantle

43. In what year was Project Mohole proposed? – 1957

44. Which creatures would inhabit the bathyal zone? – Squid

45. What is the deepest ocean zone? – Hadal Zone

46. Which creatures would reside in the abyssal zone? – Fangtooth

47. What percentage of marine life inhabits coastal zones? – 98%

48. What percentage of the ocean’s volume is in coastal zones? – 10%

49. Coral reefs are largely in what ocean zone? – Neritic Zone

50. The hadal zone begins at what depth? – 10,000 Meters

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