PPSC paper of assistant in Secretariat

اس سکیشن میں اپ لوڈ کیے جانے والے پرچہ جات میں غلطیوں کا اندریشہ ہے ۔

یہ صرف برائے انفارمیشن اپ لوڈ کیے جا تے ہیں ۔ 


PPSC paper of assistant in Secretariat

1.Aleppo is the city of? Syria

2.Chairman senate? Sadiq sanjrani

3.President elected by? Senate and national assembly

4.Falkland dispute occure? 1982

5.Nato ? millitiary alleince

6.Khan bahadar and shamsul ulema? Khatab

7.Jinnah and Gandhi talks fail due to? Ehrar movement

8.Risala asbab e baghawat e hind written by? Sir syed ahmad khan

9.Latest ms excel version ? 2017

10.Capital of zimababwe? Harare

11.Taklamakan desert? China

12.1st dry port in Lahore ? 1973

13. Angel whose duty of wealth? Mikaeel

14. Asar us sanadid book written by? Sir syed ahmad khan

15. Prayer in drought? Namaz e istasqa

16.:Dickson port ? malysia

17. Petronas tower? Kualampur

18.Imf headquarter? Washington d.c

19. 3rd president of usa ? Thomas Jefferson

20. Head of government of pakistan at the time of pak china boundry commission? Ayoub khan

21. Kitab ul asar written by? Imam abu hanifa

22.:Plutocracy? Wealthy class

23. Ilmi urdu lughat written by? Waris sirhindi

24. Fist constitution of the world? misaq e madina

25. Food digested in? large instine

26. Volley ball champion team at international level? Pak army

27. Children k bare me report ? Uincef

28. Rohmbous area math ka question tha isi trah

29. Limpid meaning? Clear

30. Metacarpal meaning?

31. Taurus mountain? Turkey

32. Eradicate? Eliminate

33. Familiarity breed—————–

34. Oblivion synonums?

35. Implicate?

36. Hell hath no furry ? a women Scrond

37. Black sea link ? Greece

38. Famous suspence novel writer? Ibne safi

39. Rolling stone

40.Jotian chatkhana? Mara mara phirna

41. Hath kangan ko ar c kia? Zahri bat k lye sabot ki kia zrorat

42. Pakistan and srilanka 2017 test series in uae win? Sri lanka

43. Gobi desert? Mangloia

44. Yuan is the crunncy of? China

45. Hens and cows math wale quest me cows ?26

46. Series wale ka ans? 751

47. Farmosa old name? Taiwan

48. Weather check ? gadget

49. Rain storm in the ? hazrat loot era

50. Right answer? Main ramzan me jaon ga

51. 20% increase and 20% decrease? 4% decrease

52. Ibne khaldoon born in ? tuinisia

53. Subha sham rat ? zarf e zaman

54. Teen harf bhejna? Lanat bhejna

55. Mehwish is wrong word

56. John logie bird invent? Television

57. At the time of camp david usa president? Jimmy carter

58.1965 prime minister of india? Lal bahdur shastri

59. After hijrat makkah to madina Nabi Kareem SAW stop in ? Cave Thour

60. Eupherate and tigris meet? Shatul arab

61. According to 1973 constitution who implement the emergency? President

61. One stone kill two? Birds

62. Dard minat wala aik sher tha?

63. Preposition adjoined ? with

64. Siddhartha budha sacred teeth? Tibet china

65. juvenile women? 600 g

66. He is , to tall the truth,

67. Asian games held every? 4 year

68. 1858 Sikh war with?

69. Points in badminton? 21

70. 5 star movement for elected which country? Itlay

71. Plastic then fish isi trah ka koi fiqra ?

72. India spend more budget then Pakistan ? 7 time

73. Slavery article ? 9

74. Reducing electricity

75. Windows data mangment? Oracle

76. Three river thorugh Indus basin treaty to pak? Indus, jehlam, Chenab

77. To put ones hand to plough?

78. Picasso is belong to? Spain

79. Music national anthem? Ahmad g chagla

80. 1st question at the day of judgment? Namaz

81.Gene is the unit of ? heredity

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