Daily Questions & Answers 


The Acid rain destroyed vegetation because it contains:
a. Sulfuric acid 
b Carbon monoxide

The vital constituent of blood that helps in clotting is:
a. Platelets 
b. Hemoglobin

Apartheid is :
a. A Policy of racial discrimination
b. An international association

‘Widal test’ is used for susceptibility of:
a. Malaria
b. Typhoid

The Island of Socotra belongs to:
a. Yemen
b. UAE

Which of the following is the sweetest sugar ?
a. Glucose
b. Fructose

What is ‘St. Vitus’s Dance’?
a. A Game
b. A Disease

Which on of the following seas has banks of waters ?
a. Rose Sea
b. Sargasso Sea

Daily Questions & Answers 

The book ‘Verdict on India’ was Written by ?
a. Peter Nicholas
b. Beverlay Nickolas

When Radcliff Award was announced :
a. 16th August 1947
b. 17th August 1947

Quaid-e-Azam University is located in_ ?
a. RawalPindi
B. Abbottabad
C. Multan
D. Islamabad

Ayoub National park is situated in ?
a. Rawalpindi
B. Nurree
D. None of them

What is the Meaning of Nanga Parbat ?
a. Killer Mountain
B. Naked Mountain
C. Dead Place
D. Seven Mountains

Which range separate Baluchistan Plateau from Afghanistan?
a. Chaghi
B. Makran
C. Turbat
D. Kirthar range

Which is the highest peak of Koh-eSulaiman range ?
a. Tirichmir
B. K-2
C. Takhat-e-Sulaiman
D. Sakar

The place where heaven and earth meet” these words are said about which place ?
a. Chitral
B. Kalash
C. Punial
D. Swat

Baltura Glacier is located in _____________ ?
a. Punjab
B. Gilgit Baltistan
C. Sindh

Nanga Parbat is ranked as the __________ highest mountain peak of the world ?
a. 10th
B. 8th
C. 5th
D. 9th

The Thar desert is called ___________?
a. Friendly Desert
B. Hot Desert
C. Cool Desert
D. None of them

Which mountain range separates Pakistan and Afghanistan ?
a. Karakoram range
B. Pamirs Range
C. The Hindu Kush
D. Kirthar Range

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