Daily Questions & Answers 


Gorakh Hill located in ?
a. Gilgit Baltistan
b. Sindh
c. KPK
d. Baluchistan

Where there is a ………. there is a way.
a. will
b. money
c. gold
d. Politics

All that ………. is not gold.
a. glows
b. glitters

Sher shah Suri is buried in ?
a. Jalalabad
b. Sasaram

Aden is a port city of …?
a. Oman
b. Yemen

Ho chi Minh was the independence leader of ?
a. Thailand
b. Vietnam

The congress formed ministries after 1937 provincial election in:-
a. Five Provinces
b. Seven Provinces


Under Which scheme Muslim League surrender the demand of separate electorate for the Muslims:-
a. Delhi Proposals 1927
b. Patna Scheme 1938

Bronze is an alloy of ?
a. Iron & Copper
b. Copper & Tin

The chemical name of vitamin C is ?
a. Citric Acid
b. Ascorbic Acid

Samuel FB Morse devised the Morse Code From Which country did he belong ?
a. Britain
b. America

Dome of Rock is located in ?
a. Jerusalem
b. Jordan

Which of the following gases illuminates signs?
a. Nitrogen
b. Neon

Israel has constructed a concrete wall to divide the Palestinians in:
a. West Bank
b. Gaza Strip

‘Antrara’ is the news agency of :
a. Indonesia
b. Syria

The Only spy museum has recently been opened in:
a. Moscow 
b. London

The largest among the following is ?
a. A Galaxy 
b. The Earth
c. The Sun
d. A Solar System

The Headquarters of the Arab League is situated at ?
a. Riyadh
b. Cairo

مشروق و مغرب کے نغمے
کس شاعر کی تصنیف ہے ؟
ا۔ میرا جی 
ب۔ ن م راشد

مجید امجد کی زندگی میں شائع شاعری کا واحد دیوان کون سا تھا ؟
ا۔ شب رفتہ
ب۔ عروج

سردار بشن سنگھ کا کردار سعادت حسن منٹو کے کس افسانہ میں ملتا ہے ؟
ا۔ ٹھنڈا گوشت
ب۔ ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ

General Ability Questions & Answers

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