Daily Questions & Answers 

Which short keys is used to “to beginning of line or far left of field or screen” ?
A. Home
B. End
C. Insert
D. Delete

Which short Function key is used to “Refresh current window” ?
A. F1
B. F3
C. F5 
D. F7

Which short Function key is used to “Find all files” ?
A. F1
B. F2
C. F3 
D. F4

Which short Function key is used to “Rename selected object” ?
A. F1
B. F8
C. F2 
D. F11

Which short Function key is used to “Help” ?
A. F1
B. F2
C. F3
D. F4

De Novo
A. End
B. One Side
C. New
D. To any extend

A. Tiny
B. Vague 
C. Insignificant
D. None

Diamond cut Diamond
A. Exactly
B. Retaliation 
C. Prominent
D. Costly

After the Demise of Quaid e Azam who become the President of Muslim League in 1948 ?
A. Liaqat ali khan
B. Ch. Khaleequzaman 
C. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
D. Khwaja Nizamudin

Founder of Sindh Madrassah tul Islam ?
A. Allama Inayat Ullah Mashriqi
B. Syed Hasan ali Afandi
C. Sahibzada Abdul Qayum
D. Mulana Shibli Numani

Which of the following is a fire resistant ?
A. Asbestos 
B. Gypsum
C. Dolomite
D. None

Broadway street famous for ?
A. Stock Exchange
B. Newspapers
C. Computer industries
D. Theaters

Leukaemia is a disease of the ?
A. Lungs
B. Blood
C. Skin
D. Nerves

Enzymes helps in ?
A. Respiration
B. Digestion food
C. Immune system
D. Reproduction

Which of the following glands secretes tears ?
A. Lachrymal
B. Pituitary
C. Thyroid
D. Pancreas

Montreal is situated on the bank of River ?
a. Hudson River
b. Ottawa 
c. Mackenzie River
d. Yukon River

A rolling stone gathers no ……
a. Moss
b. Dirt
c. Oil
d. Grass

All that ….. is not gold.
a. Glows
b. Glitters
c. Sells
d. Bums

Sher shah Suri is buried in …..
a. Jalalabad
b. Sasaram


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