PPSC Solved Assistant Agriculture paper 2018 

PPSC Solved Assistant Agriculture paper 2018

ان سوالات میں غلطی کا اندیشہ ہے یہ صرف انفارمیشن کے لیے اپ لوڈ کیے جا رہے ہیں 


1.Text italic? Ctrl+I

2.Hard disk, processer, motherboard? Hardware

3.Land scape in ms word? Page layout

PPSC Solved Assistant Agriculture paper 2018

4.Ctrl +]? Increase the text

5.8 bits -? Bytes

6.In power point for black screen key use ? B

7.Ports are use in computer? Usb. Serial. Parallel. All of these

8.Saarc headquarter? Nepal khatmandu

9.Unicef head quarter? New York

10.Best conducter of elecetricity? Copper. Silver. Steel

11.Above board meaning? Honest

12.First round table held in? London

13.Proscribe meaning? Probhit

14.Shield in islam? Fasting

15.Aps attack is 16 dec? 2014

16.Prison emergency number? 1124

17.Jail department estaiblished first in the reign of ? hazrat Umar

18.Earth got energy from? Sun

19.HCL is ? acid

20.Madni surah? Albaqra

21.Pakistan won gold medal in hockey ? 3 times

22.Pakistan win hockey world cup ? 4 time

23.Lack of ozone layer reason? Man made chemical

24.The reconstruction of religious thought in islam? Allama iqbal

25.Quit india movement start? 1942

26.Largest country of Africa? Nigeria

27.After independence 1st newspaper ? imroz

28.Name of supreme court before 1960? Inter provincial high court

29.Series. 2.

30.The frog in the well not know about? Ocean

31.Capital of north koria? Pyongyoung

32.Hazrat Ali was not participate ? gahzwa tabuk

33.Hazrat abdul Qadir Jilani belong to? Bhaghdad

34.Largest country of central America which is connected by atlantic and pacific?

35.Estren roman empire? Benzyntine empire

36.Nor jahan belong to? Kasur

37.Makkah old name? bakkah

38.Pakistan military academy? Kakul

39.Shabe miraj take place? 27 rajab

40.Control of Gibralter?

41.Mercilies sea port?

42.Scheninveing beach ?

43.Masjid e gharnata is in which book of iqbal? 44.Baal e jibrael

45.Who is the chairman of boundry commission? Redcliff

46.Current fedral tex ombudsman? Mushtaq sukhera

47.Euphrate river flow? Iraq

48.Edhi born in ? gujrat

49.Russia, india and Bangladesh constructed MAU of? Atomic energy

50.EIGE in European union? Gender equality

51.Airbus service starts?

52.125 year old cold drink which start making alcohol? Pepsi. Marinda, cocacola

53.Abdul latif poet of? Sindhi

54.Which personality resign from imperial leg con? Qauide azam

542017 women wembldon champion? Grutza

55.Musharaf was? Chief exective

56.1916 pact? Lucknow

57.In 1966 Muhammad ali clay defeat?

58.Design of Islamabad captal present?

59.Popular city of austrailia? Sydney

60.Tit for tat ? adle ka badla

61.Chacha chakahn ka kirdar? Imtiaz ali taj

62Pialon me dal batna

63.Fakhta urana

64.Khafef hona

65Babae sahafat, babae qoum? Khitab


Current Affairs and Pak History MCQs

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5 Responses

  1. Muhammad Ibrar Hussain says:

    15.Aps attack is 16 dec? 2014
    ye question ni tha.When Military Courts were established after APS attack.The correct answer is 2015

  2. Muhammad Ibrar Hussain says:

    21.Pakistan won gold medal in hockey in Olympics ? 3 times
    22.Pakistan win hockey Champion Trophy ? 3 time
    Pakistan won First gold medal in Olympics? 1960 Rome Olympics in hockey

  3. Muhammad Ibrar Hussain says:

    Largest country of Africa? None of these was Correct option because largest country of Africa is Algeria

  4. Muhammad Ibrar Hussain says:

    62 Pialon me dal batna is wrong idiom.
    جوتوں میں دال بٹنا is correct idiom
    Fakhta urana means مزےاڑانا
    Khafef hona is an idiom which means شرمندہ ہونا

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