PPSC’s paper of Assistant Director (BS-17) Labour and Human Resource Department, Govt. of the Punjab

PPSC’s paper of Assistant Director (BS-17) Labour and Human Resource Department, Govt. of the Punjab

14 September 2019,

1) He held me ____ the neck. *BY*

2) The Gordian Knot means: *DIFFICULT OR COMPLEX PROBLEM*

3) Cortege means: *A FUNERAL PROCESSION*

4) Enormous means: *HUGE*

5) Ephemeral antonym is: *PASSING*

6) First Census in Pakistan: *1951*

7) ISPR song for 2018 ‘Humara Pakistan’ sung by: *SHAFQAT AMANAT ALI*

8) Anxious means: *WORRIED*

9) Fourteen Points of Jinnah in: *1929 (28 March 1929)*

10) Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon was established in 1946 by: *ABDULLAH-I*

11) Who went to UN Security Council for Kashmir in 1948: *INDIA*

12) City of Bazaars: *CAIRO*

13) Capital of Egypt: *CAIRO*

14) Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee was established in: *MARCH 1976*

15) 2 ÷ 0.5 =: *4*

16) 20% of what number is equal to 102: *85*

17) 30% of 100 is equal to 3% of what: *1000*

18) Complete the series 1, 8, 4, 27, 9, ____: *64*

19) Ghilaaf-i-Ka’ba is called: *KISWA*

20) First martyr of Islam: *SUMMAIYYA*

21) Uncle of Muhammad (PBUH) died in 10th Nabvi: *ABU TALIB(RA)*

22) Length of Great Wall of China: *21,196.18 KM*

23) Trout Lake is in: *CANADA (British Columbia, near Ontario river)*

24) Clark glacier is in: *USA (Alaska)*

25) Fear of bathing: *ABLUTOPHOBIA*

26) Swadeshi Movement launch in 1905 in response to: *PARTITION OF BENGAL*

27) Mount McKinley and Death Valley are in: *USA*

28) Olympic 2022 will be held in: *CHINA*

29) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank headquarters is in: *BEIJING*

30) Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) founder Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong belongs to: *SINGAPORE*

31) Formosa is the old name of: *TAIWAN*

32) Blood formed in: *BONE MARROW*

33) First organ to develop: *HEART*

34) Plants exhale ______ at night: *CARBON DIOXIDE*

35) First element in the periodic table: *HYDROGEN*

36) Chambers of heart: *4*

37) DVD’s storage capacity in single-sided double-layer is: *8.5 GB*

38) Short key in MS Word for Copyright symbol: *CTRL+ATL+C*

39) DOCX file extension is for: *DOCUMENTS*

40) Area of triangle with base 19m and height 7m is: *33.5 m square*

41) Who called Lahore Resolution 1940 a ‘fantastic idea’: *C. RAJAGOPALACHARI*

42) Country which joined African Union after 33 years: *MOROCCO*

43) Cofounder of Hotmail: *SABEER BHATIA*

44) Computers are located via ______ on internet: *IP ADDRESS*

45) Link for webpages uses: *URL*

46) Make narration: He asked me, “Has she invited you? : *HE ASKED ME IF SHE HAD INVITED YOU.*

47) Second Pillar of Islam: *ZAKAT*

48) Who has authority to deploy United Nations Peacekeeping Forces: *UN SECURITY COUNCIL*

49) The institute established in the Bretton Wood Conference: *INTERNATIONAL MONETRY FUNF (IMF)*

50) Statue of Liberty in New York was gifted by: *FRANCE*

51) Second highest peak Godwin Aston is in: *PAKISTAN*

52) Separate Electorates for Muslims was part of: *MINTO-MORLEY REFORMS*

53) Last Maharaja of Sikh Empire: *DULEEP SINGH*

54) Agreement between Pakistan and Iran in April 2019: *JOINT BORDER DEFENSE FORCE*

55) Most efficient administrator of 16th century was: *SHER SHAH SURI*

56) آتش کدہ کا مصنف:

57) صبح کشمیر شام بنارس، محاورہ؟

58) حیات جاوید کس پر لکھی گئی: *سر سید احمد خان*

59) دھوم دھام میں دھام کیا ہے: *مہمل*

60) دکان بڑھانا مطلب:

61) غر بتہ کرنا:

62) ہارٹ اٹیک کتاب کس نے لکھی:

63) اندلس میں اجنبی اور خانی بدوش کس نے لکھی : *مستنصر حسین تارڑ*

64) یہ شعر کس کا ہے؟

پھول کی پتی سے کٹ سکتا ہے ہیرے کا جگر،

مگر مرد ناداں پہ کلام نرم و نازک بے اثر۔: علامہ محمد اقبال

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