Quiz about China !

Quiz about China

1. Which city was known as Peking? – Beijing

2. What is the meaning of Tiananmen? – Heavenly gate

3. What is the official name of China? – People’s Republic of China

4. When did China get back Hong Kong? – 1997

5. When did China get back Macao? – 1999

6. Which country was annexed by China in 1950? – Tibet

7. Which country was attacked by China in 1962? – India

8. Who ruled China when Marco Polo reached there in 1266? – Kublai Khan

9. Who became the President of China in 1912? – Sun Yat Sen

10. Which country is considered a renegade province by China? – Taiwan

11. What does the largest star on the Chinese flag stand for? – The communist party

12. What was found in the Zhoukoudian cave? – Peking Man.

13. What is the fear of China or Chinese called? – Sinophobia.

14. Cha dao is the art of what?- Making tea.

15. What are the four most populated cities in China? – Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin
and Hong Kong.

16. Which well known 3 letter word means ‘shady place’ or ‘north slope’? – Yin.

17. In film, who was the famous father of ‘number one son’? – Charlie Chan.

18. With 1,795 km, the longest man made canal in the world is found in China. What
do we call it?
– Grand Canal.

19. English speaking newspapers have given Chinese astronauts what name? -Taikonauts.

20. What are the ornamental Chinese therapeutic hand balls called? – Baoding.

21. Translate Feng-shui. – Wind and water.

22. Pu Yi was better known as what? – The last emperor.

23. Which big treat is called Ju wu ba in China? – A Big Mac.

24. Which British general had the nickname ‘Chinese’? – Gordon.

25. Which breed of Chinese dog is a character in the film MIB? – A Pug. ‘Frank the pug’.

26. Which British Prime Minister brought Ming Ming the panda from China? – Edward Heath.

27. What is China Clay otherwise known as (second letter is an ‘A’)? – Kaolin.

28. In which British garden is the famous Chinese pagoda designed in 1761 by William Chambers? – Kew Gardens.

29. What was the name of an ancient road, linking China with the West running through Afghanistan and the Middle East, used by Marco Polo to travel to China? – Silk Road.

30. Which was the first British pop group to tour China? – Wham.

31. What is the Chinese / Mandarin for the phrase 9 dragons? – Kowloon.

32. In which country did the willow pattern on china originate? – Britain.

33. Which bird is trained by the Chinese to catch fish? – The cormorant.

34. How many days did the famous Long March of the Chinese Communists (1934- 1935) last? – 368 days.

35. Which actor starred in the films The China Syndrome, Disclosure and Falling Down? – Michael Douglas.
36. In which Chinese City can you see the Terracotta Army? – Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.

37. In which sport did Li Na excel at? – Tennis (2011 French Open and 2014 Australian Open Ladies Champion)

38. What, located in the center of Beijing, was the imperial palace from 1420 to 1912?– The Forbidden City

39. What’s the literal translation of ‘Hong Kong’? – Fragrant Harbour

40. Name the Chinese philosopher, teacher, editor and politician who died in 479 BC? – Confucious

41. Which treaty was signed in 1842 to mark the end of the First Opium War? – Treaty of Nanking

42. Which is the largest Chinese city by population? – Shanghai

43. What animal represents the Chinese year of 2016? – Monkey

44. The world’s largest stone Buddha and the tallest pre-modern statue is near which city? – Leshan (The Leshan Giant Buddha)

45. What name is given to the 8,000 clay soldiers discovered in Xi’an? – Terracotta Army

46. What is the currency of China?- Yuan (or Renminbi)

47. Name the longest river? – Yangtze

48. How many little stars are to the right side of one bigger star on the flag? – Four

49. What was the name of the first dynasty which began in 221 BC? – Qin

50. With which country does China have its longest land border? – Mongolia


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