Quiz about Insects

Quiz about Insects

1. What are the stages of a butterfly’s lifecycle? – Egg and  larva, chrysalis and adult

2. What order of insects are Lepidoptera? – Butterflies also moths

3. How many legs do insects have? – Six

4. What are the main body sections of an insect? – Head, thorax also abdomen

5. What is the insect skeleton called? – Exoskeleton

6. What do insects use the most for senses? – Antennae

7. What do insects use to get oxygen? – Spiracles

8. What is the most beneficial insect known to man? – Honeybee

9. What is the most dangerous insect pest in the world? – Mosquitoes (probably)

10. What insect was responsible for the bubonic plague? – Fleas

11. How many eggs can a termite lay in one day? – almost 80,000

12. What is the proper name for insects and creatures with hard, outer-body casings and jointed legs? – Arthropods

13. Where are grasshoppers’ ears? – Abdomen

14. How long can a locust fly, flapping its wings nonstop? – 9 hours

15. What insect does not lay eggs? – Aphids

16. How many sets of eyes do most adult insects have? – Two

17. Bugs which is noisiest? – Cicada

18. The insects which do not live a colony? – Crickets

19. How many glowworms would it take to equal a 100 watt lightbulb? – 8,000

20. A dragonfly can fly at a speed of __________. – 25 mph

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21. Flies and mosquitoes are part of the insect order called Diptera. Diptera means __________. – Two wings

22. Insects ________ close their eyes. – Cannot

23. Metamorphosis is __________. – An amazing change in the bodies of insects

24. Bees are known to communicate by __________. – Performing a dance

25. How many times its own body length can a flea jump? – 200

26. Are cockroaches..? – Omnivores

27. Bugs which has the most legs? – Centipede

28. What do spiders and snails have in common? – They both have feelers.

29. Where are a butterfly’s taste buds? – Feet

30. Horse flies and deer flies can transmit___________ – Francisella tularensis and

Bacillus anthracis that cause tularemia and anthrax.

31. Eye gnats can transmit_________ – Spirochaete pathogen that causes yaws and

may also spread conjunctivitis (pinkeye).

32. Human lice can transmit_________ – Rickettsial pathogens that cause epidemic
typhus and trench fever.

33. What type of professional pesticide applicators certifications are offered in FL ? –
Certified operators and limited

34. Pesticides dissolved in carriers are known as _____? – Solutions

35. This insect eats aphids and mites and uses cerci for capture ? – Earwig

36. Why are pigeons considered important pests ? – They can transmit diseases to
man through their droppings

37. Where should you store your respirator ? – In a zip closable sturdy plastic bag

38. The first step of pantry pest control is _______ ? – Find the source

39. How many body parts does an insect have? – 3

40. What is the name of the middle body part of an insect? – Abdomen

41. Which insect produces honey? – Bee

42. Which sentence is a characteristics of an insect? – An insect has 3 body parts.

43. Insects in the dry areas conserve water by passing waste in form of? – Urea

44. The structure in insects that serve as respiratory surface for gaseous exchange are –

45. Insects make up what percentage of the world’s animals? – 80 percent

46. Ants eat a sweet fluid called honey dew, where does this fluid come from? –

47. How do bees obtain nectar from flowers? – Using their probocsis

48. What order do beetles belong to? – Coleoptera

49. What is a butterfly before it becomes a butterfly? – Caterpillar

50. A Dragonfly is sometimes confused with what other kind of fly? – Damsel Fly


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