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*Some GK From Indo Pak History*

• British annexed *NWFP* in *1849*.

• *Wardha scheme* written by *Zakir Hussain*.

• *Sati* was abolished by *Lord William Bantink*.

• *First census in India* made during the period of *Lord Mayo*.

• *Moen-jo-Daro* & *Harrappa* discovered in *1922*.

• *Sir John Marshal* ordered digging of Moen jo Daro in *1922*

• *Warren Hastings* was the first Governor General of *Bengal*.

• *Hindi-Urdu controversy* started in *1867*.

• *Mohsin-ul-Mulk* founded Urdu Defence Association.

• *Lord Dalhousie* is associated with *Wood’s Dispatch*.

• *Lord Cornwalls* is associated with *permanent settlement of Bengal*.

• *Delhi proposals* presented by *Quaid-e-Azam* in *March 1927*.

• *Nehru Report* was produced by *Moti Lal Nehru* in *1928*.

• *Fourteen-Points* of *M.A Jinnah* came in *March 1929* from *Delhi*.

• *Simon Commission* visited India in *1928* and consisted of *7 members*.

• *Simon Commission* submitted its report in *1930*

• *British cabinet minister Cripps* came to India in *March 1942*.

• *Treaty of Amritsar* took place in *1876*.

• *Kashmir* was sold to *Gulab Singh* in *1845*.

• *NWFP* was given status of province in *1901*.

• *NWFP* was separated from Punjab by the British in 1901, Lord Curzon was then the viceroy and GG of British India.

• *Present Sindhi letters* were made by *Sir Barter Frere* in *1883*.

• *Ahmed Shah Abdali* was the *King of Kabul*.

• *Ahmed Shah Abdali* defeated *Marhatas* in *1761*.

• *Pan Islamism* introduced by *Jamaludding Afghani*.

• *Nadir Shah of Iran* invaded Delhi during the period of *Muhammad Shah Rangila* (The Moughal Emperor).

• Original name of *Tippu Sultan* was *Nawab Fateh Ali*.

• *4th May 1799* was the day of *Shahadat* of *Tippu Sultan*.

• The original name of *Sultan Siraj Doullah* (the Nawab of Bengal) was *Mirza Muhammad*

• *Battle of Plassey* was fought in 1757 b/w Clive and Siraj-ud-Daula which established British rule in Bengal.

• *Sindh* was annexed by Birtish in 1847 and was separated from Bombay in 1935 vide India Act 1935.

• *First war of freedom* was fought in 1757 b/w *Siraju Doullah and Rober Clive*.

• *Sheikh Ahmad Sarhindi* is also known as *Majaddid Alf Sani*.

• *Sheikh Ahmad Sirhandi* was born in *1564*.

• *Mausm Khan*, soldier of *Titu Mir* was sentenced to death.

• *Haji Shareetullah* of Bengal was the founder of *Farazi Tehriz in 1802*. Farazi Tehriz meant to pay more attention on fundamental of Islam.

• *Syed Ahmed of Rai Brelli* (Oudh) was the founder of Jehad Tehrik against Sikhs. He was martyred at Balakot (NWF) in *1831*.

• *Battle of Buxar* was fought in *1764*


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