Sports MCQs & Physical Education 

Sports MCQs & Physical Education 

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1. Which American football team won the first ever Superbowl? – Green Bay Packers
2. What was the original name of Wembley Stadium? – Empire Stadium
3. Which ex-West Ham football manager is the father in law of pop star Louise? – Harry Redknapp
4. In which US state did the World Cup final take place in 1994? – California
5. Who captained Brazil’s World Cup winning football team in 1970? – Carlos Alberto
6. Which English league football team play at Ashton Gate? – Bristol City
7. Which Scottish football team are nicknamed the Arabs because they used to play on a pitch

which was very sandy? – Dundee United
8. Which Brazilian footballer scored a goal in every round of the 1970 World Cup finals? – Jairzinho
9. How many players are there in a Handball team? – 7
10. Who were the beaten finalists in both the 1974 and 1978 soccer World Cup finals? – Holland
11. In cricket, how many runs is a double nelson? – 222
12. How high is the highest board in competition diving? – 10 metres
13. Hana Mandikova, who became an Australian citizen in 1988, was born in which country? –
14. How many players are in an ice-hockey team? – 6
15. In which sport is there a yorkround? – Archery
16. Which two England footballers missed penalties in the shoot-out against Germany in the 1990

World Cup semi-final? – Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce
17. Who did Coventry beat in the 1987 FA Cup final? – Tottenham Hotspur
18. What is the only world language that has a word for association football that is not derived from

the word ‘football’? – Italian
19. In 1986 which boxer beat Trevor Burbick to become the youngest ever heavyweight world

champion? – Mike Tyson
20. In which country was the sport of Korfball founded? – Holland
21. The name of which sport means ‘empty hand’ in Japanese? – Karate
22. Which English football club play at Roots Hall? – Southend United
23. With which sport would you associate Nelli Kim? – Gymnastics

24. How many players in total get down in a normal rugby union scrum? – 16
25. Which American athlete won 4 gold medals at the 1984 Olympic games? – Carl Lewis
26. Tony Allcock won the men’s singles titles in 1986 and 1987 world championships of what

indoor sport? – Indoor Bowls
27. How many members does a rowing eights crew have? – 9
28. What is the only English football team without a vowel in the first five letters of it’s name? –

Crystal Palace
29. Where is the Royal and Ancient Golf Club? – St. Andrews
30. Which football commentator was given an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 2001? –

John Motson
31. Which football league team was beaten 9-0 by Liverpool in 1992? – Crystal Palace
32. In which European city were the 1924 Olympics due to be held before being switched to Paris? –

33. Which piece of sporting equipment was once called a ‘battledore’? – Badmington Racket
34. Who were the only two football teams other than Liverpool and Everton to win the old English

First Division title in the 1980s? – Aston Villa and Arsenal
35. Who won the mens singles title at Wimbledon in 2000? – Pete Sampras
36. What sport would you expect to see in a velodrome? – Cycling
37. Which English football teams ground is on a road called Sir Tom Finney Way? – Preston North
38. When Brazil won the 1994 soccer World Cup, to which famous sportsman did they dedicate it? –
Ayrton Senna
39. By what scoreline did Manchester United beat Newcastle United in the 1999 FA Cup Final? – 2-0
40. The Doggett’s Coat and Badge is contested in which sport? – Rowing
41. Who was the first Englishman to win the Formula 1 British Grand Prix? – Stirling Moss
42. How many players make up a volleyball team? – 6
43. In ten-pin bowling, what name is given to knocking down all ten pins with the two balls of a

single frame? – A spare
44. Which famous footballer left Tottenham in 1992 to join Japanese side Grampus Eight? – Gary

45. Which team won the first university boat race? – Oxford
46. Which English football team are nicknamed the ‘Hornets’? – Watford
47. What are the periods of seven and a half minutes which form a game of polo called? – Chuckas
48. What was the first English football club to have undersoil heating installed? – Everton
49. Which four tournaments make up the golf ‘majors’? – The British Open, the US Open, the US
Masters and the US PGA
50. Which Premiership football teams ground is on Trinity Road? – Aston Villa

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51. With which sport would associate the Sheffield Eagles? – Rugby League
52. With which sport would you associate the Eisenhower trophy? – Golf
53. Which English county cricket team plays at the Oval? – Surrey
54. Which Scottish football team had the first top level all-seater stadium in British football? – 
55. What sporting event was won by Antonio Pinto in 1997 and 2001 and by Dionicio Ceron in 1994

and 1995? – The London Marathon
56. Which city hosted the 2001 FA Cup Final? – Cardiff
57. What was special about the FA Cup qualifying soccer match between Linfield and Cliftonville in

1888? – It was the only FA Cup tie to be played on Christmas Day
58. Which motor racing driver said ‘When a man holds you round the throat, I don’t think he has

come to apologise after a collision with Nigel Mansell in 1987? – Ayrton Senna
59. Which team did England beat in the 1966 World Cup final? – West Germany
60. Approximately how many acres in size is a baseball field? – 2
61. Which of the following teams did not play against England in the 2002 World Cup finals? –

62. How many league goals did Bobby Charlton score for Manchester United? – 199
63. How many stokes would you have to take in golf at a par 4 hole to get an albatross? – 1

64. How many goals did Gary Lineker score for England in the 1986 World Cup finals? – 6
65. Which popular sport was once known as Sphairistike? – Tennis
66. How many minutes is a golfer allowed to search for his ball before it is considered lost? – 5
67. Which football team won the FA Cup in 1997 and 2000? – Chelsea
68. Who represented Britain at ski-jumping in the 1988 Winter Olympics? – Eddie (the Eagle)

69. In a round robin tournament with 5 teams, how many games in total would be played? – 10
70. At which sport did Mark Spitz win seven gold medals in 1972? – Swimming
71. Which London football team was formed from a company called ‘Thames Ironworks’? – West
72. What was the nationality of the racing driver Keke Rosberg? – Finnish
73. In what decade was the FA Cup first held at Wembley? – 1920s
74. Which two England players shared the 4 goals they scored in the 1966 World Cup final? – Geoff
Hurst and Martin Peters
75. Which English football team became the first ever to win both the FA Cup and League Cup in

the same season, when they did so in 1993? – Arsenal
76. In April 2004, which player scored the winning goal for Chelsea to knock Arsenal out of the

Champions League? – Wayne Bridge
77. Which football team won the 1998 World Cup? – France
78. What is the first bridge that the boats pass under in the Oxford – Cambridge boat race? –

79. In what sport would you compete for the ‘Silver Broom’? – Curling
80. How many players are there in a water polo team? – 7
81. In Kendo, what is the ‘sword’ made from? – Bamboo
82. With which sport would you associate TV presenter Mark Nicholas? – Cricket
83. What does it mean if a racehorse is described as a maiden? – It hasn’t won a race yet
84. Who won the singles title at the first World Bowls Championships in 1966? – David Bryant
85. With which football club did Sir Matt Busby win an F.A. Cup winners medal as a player? –
Manchester City
86. Who was the first footballer to score 100 goals in the English Premiership? – Alan Shearer
87. What type of racing has only two cars competing on the track at the same time? – Drag Racing
88. In which Formula One team did Damon Hill replace Nigel Mansell? – Williams
89. Who did Arsenal beat 3-2 in the 1979 FA Cup final? – Manchester United
90. Which American Football team reached four consecutive Super Bowls between 1991-94? – The
Buffalo Bills
91. What sport do Manchester Giants and London Towers play? – Basketball
92. Where were the 1960 Olympic Games held? – Rome

93. Where were the 1984 summer Olympics held? – Los Angeles
94. Where was the 2002 World Cup final played? – Niigata, Yokohama or Osaka? – Yokohama
95. How many squares are there on a chess board? – 64
96. What was the score when Brazil beat Czechoslovakia in the 1962 World Cup final? – 3-1
97. What is the name of the Test cricket ground in Birmingham? – Edgbaston
98. On a darts board, what number is directly opposite 1? – 19
99. In total, how many gold medals did Carl Lewis win in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics? – 7
100. What is the only Central American country in which baseball, not soccer, is the people’s

favourite sport? – Nicaragua

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