Held 12.05.19

1. Sarrac 2004 held in which country? ISLMBD

2. Tarikh Khulfua by?

3. why people wear white clothes in summer? LESS absorbed heatemibai

4. Flow to river as stagnant to?

5. quaid 1st wife name?

6. when quaid joined Lincolen inn for law? 1896

7. Alice wanderland by? CEROLL

8. Thypoid occur in which part of body? SPLEEN or liver

9. April 2018 naval excercies b/w pak and?

10. Ahmed nadeem qasmi death in month of 2006?

11. D in Roman numerical ?500

12. There are 25 students in class.ratio of 2/3 girls to boys,how many girls in class?

13. 28×12?

14. Grammar check mistakes in which option of computer?

15. Print type of ?

16. Outline view in ms word?

17. Key stroke up and down command?

18. Print shortcut key in power point?

19. Stonehenge in which country?

20. Maybay beach in?thialand

21. Tipu saltan when ascend throne in year ?1782 ya 1786

22. How many total mouyran kings?

23. Mount eden in?

24. Woodenhouse in?

25. Paraolympics for? HANDICAPPED

26. Pak national library in year?

27. Who was head of 1962 constitution committee?

28. How many lists were in 1956 constitution? 5

29. Anti terrorist courts after army school attack in?2015

30. 18th amendment in?2010

31. Cj appointes by?president

32. Call a spade a spade?

33. Affidevit spelling?

34. Diana dead 1997 in city?paris

35. Mugal king ruled 1658 to 1707 who?aurangzaib

36. 1 mililitres equal to litres?

37. Rusting of iron is?0.001

38. Iron layer with zinc?

39. How to protect excel sheet?

40. Hell hath no furry?

41. Study of knowledge?

42. Study of religion?reliology nt cnformed

43. A tale of 2 city?

44. Zinda roud urdu book by?

45. Indhra ajla drama by?

46. Ibn waqt novel by? NAZEER ahmd

47. Tafil maktaib means?

48. Ya shair kis k h pta pta boota boota hal hamra jna huy? MEER

49. Awaz dost by? MUKHTAAR

50. Iqbal degree from city of?muinch

51. Urdu shairyi p ak nazar by?

52. Forbes magzines world strongest man 2018?

53. WTO is replace of?Gaat

54. Remittance receiving most by which country accordingto W.B report?

55. Which country president wife acting as vice president?

56. Which ocean on east of Asia?indian

57. Decibel used to measure?sound

58. Largest country in Africa?nigeria

59. Present participle ending in?

60. Correct sentence.Every student shall keep their enlorment?

61. Spilt cell b/w a and b then select?

62. NASA stand for? NATIONAL aeronautical administration

63. Embolden in?

64. Shirk opposite?touheed

65. Kofra kis rokan k ly h?roza

66. Who tore letter Hz Muhammad SAW? KHUSrU pervaiz

67. Hz umer embrace islam to hear surah? TA HAA

68. Police introduce which khalifa rasdeen?HAZRAT UMER RA

69. Usa sex of state telerson was CEO of which company?

70. ILO ?

71. Un 1948 which is the right,to food,religion…?

72. 1st lady pilot embrace martyr?

73. Which not imp durning skanning finger,facial, iris,password? PAWRD

74. LHC passed its order to maintain %quota female in airforce?

75. Math 56.

76. 12×(13_2×5)?

77. Math find radius140?

78. Math 600,720…?

79. Math 2,4,10,28.? 54

80. Pak Olympic association president?


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