World General Knowledge Quiz

World General Knowledge Quiz

26. Who is the head of the United Nations Environment Programme? – Erik Solheim

27. Which Country firming up trade agreements with South Asian countries? – China

28. Cathay Pacific crew witnessed which country missile test? – North Korea

29. The US formally opposes granting market economy status to which country at WTO? – China

30. Which Online retail giant enters Australian market? – Amazon

31. As per the study, Indian companies in which country has generated 11.4-billion-euro revenue
in 2016? – Germany

32.Which synthetic fibre is known as artificial silk? – Rayon

33. Which is the Currency of Dominica? – Eastern Caribbean dollar

34. Saint Lucia – Hewanorra International Airport is located in the Country of ________. – St

35. Which is the Currency of El Salvador? – United States Dollar

36. Where is the Nice Cote d’Azur International Airport is located? – France

37. Where is the Saint Louis – Lambert International Airport is located? – USA

38. Saint Lucia George F L Charles Airport is located in which Country? – St Lucia

39. Saint Gatien Airport is located in which Country? – France

40. The Currency of Montenegro is? – Euro

41. What is the name of Lebanon Stock Exchange – Beirut Stock Exchange

42. Amsterdam Museum is located in which Country? – Amsterdam, Netherlands

43. Where is the world famous Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum located? – New York, USA

44. Where is the Charlottenburg Palace located? – Berlin, Germany

45. What is the name of Bangladesh Stock Exchange – Dhaka Stock Exchange

46. Where is the Toledo Museum of Art located? – United States

47. What is the name of New Zealand Stock Exchange – New Zealand Exchange

48. Where is the Saint Geoirs Airport located? – France

49. Vinnufossen Falls located in which Country? – Norway

50. Bauxite is an ore of – Aluminium

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