World Geographical Facts Quiz !!

World Geographical Facts Quiz !!

26. Which is the heaviest planet in the solar system? – Jupiter

27. The first ‘Earth Summit’ was held at – Rio de Janeiro

28. Sea weeds are an important source of – Iodine

29. Which country is United State’s Largest trading partner? – China

30. Which country controls Gilbratar – Great Britain

31. What is the largest desert in the world? – Sahara Desert

32. What is the only Central America country whose official language is English? – Belize

33. The Tigris river flows through which 3 countries? – Turkey, Syria, and Iraq

34. What is the capital of Switzerland? – Bern

35. Which is the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom? – Ben Nevis

36. Of which country is KLM the state airline? – Netherlands

37. The largest ocean in the world is – The Pacific Ocean

38. The largest mountain range in the world is – Andes

39. Which is the Land of the Rising Sun? – Japan

40. Stratus, cumulus, cirrus and nimbus are types of what? – Clouds

41. In which country would you find the Leaning Tower of Pisa? – Italy

42.Helsinki is the capital city of which country? – Finland

43.The terms ‘breeze’ and ‘gale’ help describe the speed of what? – Wind

44.What colour are motorways on British road maps? – Blue

45.Which desert covers much of northern Africa? – Sahara

46.Which island country lies off China, Korea and Russia? – Japan

47.In which country are the holy cities of Mecca and Medina? – Saudi Arabia

48.Liverpool lies on which river? – River Mersey

49.In which country does the River Nile meet the sea? – Egypt

50. Which of the states and territories of Australia is an island? – Tasmania

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