World Geographical Facts Quiz !!

World Geographical Facts Quiz !!

1. In which ocean is the island of St Helena ? – South Atlantic Ocean

2. What is the capital of Lithuania? – Vilnius

3. Majorca is part of which group of islands? – Balearic Islands

4. Mount Hermon is situated on the border between which two countries ? – Syria and Lebanon

5. Norfolk Island and Christmas Island are both dependent territories of which country ? –

6. Norman Manley International airport is the airport for which city ? – Kingston Jamaica

7. Of which Canadian province is Regina the capital ? – Saskatchewan

8. Of which Canadian province is Winnipeg the capital? – Manitoba

9. Of which country is Taupo the largest lake ? – New Zealand

10. Of which European country are the Magyars the largest ethnic group ? – Hungary

11. Of which former Soviet republic is Yerevan the capital ? – Armenia

12. Of which land-locked African country is Kigali the capital ? – Rwanda

13. On which island is Guantanemo Bay ? – Cuba

14. Mont Blanc is the highest peak of which mountain range ? – The Alps

World Geographical Facts Quiz !!

15. Medieval map collections were often bound together with a picture of which Greek God on
the frontispiece ? –

16. Lake Vostok is an enormous lake that was discovered in 1975. Where is it ? – The Antarctic

17. Name the three european countries beginning with the letter A. – Austria, Albania, Andorra

18. Olympus Mons is the largest volcano known to man. Where is it ? – Mars

19. Papua New Guinea became independent from which country ? – Australia

20. The deepest lake of the world is – Lake Baikal

21. The planet on which life of some kind is conceivable is – Mars

22. Which parts of Australia is characterized by high rainfall? – Tasmania

23. The capital of Australia is – Canberra

24. Seismograph is used to study the – Earthquake

25. Alexandria is a port city of which country? – Egypt

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