World Geographical Quiz !!

World Geographical Quiz !!

1. The “Helmand Province” of Afghanistan is famous for cultivation of __: – Opium
2. Which country are separated by the Strait of Gibraltar? – Morroco and Spain
3. Pemba’ and ‘Zanzibar’ Islands of Africa are famous for the cultivation and export of: – Cloves
4. Falkland Island is a disputed territory between : – Argentina and UK
5.The only two landlocked countries of South American continent are : – Paraguay and Bolivia
6. Pohang Iron and Steel Company is from which country? – South Korea
7. Which islands is an issue of controversy between UK and Argentina? – Falkland
8. Which country tops the list of countries in uranium production? – Kazakhstan
9. The “Registan Desert” is a part of which country? – Afghanistan
10. Underground Hamza River was found below the basin of which rivers? – Amazon River
11. Which is the driest desert in Earth? – Atacama Desert
12. World’s largest helium-rich natural gas fields are located in which country? – USA
13. Which two countries are separated by the Straits of Johor? – Singapore and Malaysia
14. Which Isthumuses has been known as “The Devil’s Neck”? – Kra Isthmus
15. Which is the correct location of the Chukchi Sea? – Arctic Ocean
16. The largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world is located in which country? – United States
17. Which country is the Southernmost Landlocked Country? – Lesotho
18. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which country ? – Tanzania
19. Which country has the largest reserves of Natural Gas in the world? – Russia
20. Newcastle Port, the world’s largest coal export port is located in which country? – Australia
21. Mount Logan is the highest point of which country? – Canada
22. In which country is located ‘ Al ‘Aziziyah, the hottest place on earth is located? – Libya
23. Which is the windiest place on earth? – Antarctica
24. The word “El Nino” comes from which languages? – Spanish
25. “Qomolangm” refers to which peaks ? – Mount Everest
26. Volta River project is located in which country ? – Ghana
27. “Carnauba wax” is produced in which country? – Brazil
28. Which is the most densely populated country in South Asia ? – Bangladesh
29. The dispute over Kuril Islands is among which two countries? – Russia & Japan
30. Which country is world’s largest tea exporter? – China
31. Which islands is divided into Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia? – Island of Borneo
32.International Network of Bamboo & Rattan (INBAR) is located at: – Beijing
33. Shakespeare beach is located in which country? – England
34. Chuquicamata in Chile is famous for which ores? – Copper
35. Which country is considered to be the Origin of Coffee Plant? – Ethiopia
36. Solar Valley, world’s largest solar water heater manufacturer is located in which country? – China
37. Acasta Gneiss is located in which country? – Canada
38. Which continent is with the highest mean elevation in the world? – Antartica
39. Which is known as “Coffee Port” of the world? – Santos
40. The correct location of Milwaukee Deep is ___________? – Puerto Rico Trench
41. What is the capital of Ecuador? – Quito
42. Which present day country was included in Ariana? – Afghanistan
43. Which is the most populous country of Africa? – Nigeria
44. Which is the largest tropical lake in the world? – Lake Victoria
45. Eyjafjallajokull volcano is located in which country? – Iceland
46. World’s longest seawall is located in which Country? – South Korea
47. In which country the largest fraction of total electrcity supply is atomic energy? – France
48. Hagia Sophia is located in which country? – Turkey
49. Which is also known as Van Diemen’s Land? – Tasmania
50. Which country is the world’s leading producer of synthetic industrial diamond? – China

Geographical MCQs Country, Sea, Capital

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