World History and Politics MCQs

World History and Politics MCQs


1. Which former country was originally called The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes? – Yugoslavia

2. The Knesset is the legislature of which country? – Israel

3. At which grace-and-favour residence was John Prescott infamously photographed playing croquet? – Dorneywood

4. Who is the Prime Minister of Russia? – Vladimir Putin

5. According to legend, how did Alfred the Great upset a swineherder’s wife while worrying about how to deal with the invading Danes? – He burnt her cakes by not keeping proper watch on them whilst cooking

6. Who said “Dr Livingstone, I presume?” at Ujiji? – Henry Morton Stanley

7. Appointed in 1721, who is held to be the first man to be Prime Minister of the UK? – Sir Robert Walpole

8. What name was given to the women who campaigned to have the vote in the first two decades of the 20th century? – Suffragettes

9. Who had himself crowned King of Scotland at Scone in 1306? – Robert the Bruce

10. Which famous battle was fought on June 18 1815? – The Battle of Waterloo

11. Who led the Luftwaffe in the Second World War? – Hermann Goering

12. How many MPs are there in the House of Commons? – 650

13. The Battle of Edgehill was the first and the Battle of Worcester the last of which conflict? – The Civil War

14. As well as being the first woman mayor in England, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the first woman to qualify in which profession? – As a doctor

15. What word denoted the new policy of openness adopted by Mikhail Gorbachev’s government in the Soviet Union? – Glasnost

World History and Politics MCQs


16. How was a fishing dispute between Britain and Iceland in the Sixties and Seventies nicknamed? – The Cod War

17. Who led the Seventh Cavalry to its doom at the Battle of Little Bighorn? – Lt-Col George Armstrong Custer

18. What aviation first was performed by Ellen Church in 1930? – She was the first air hostess

19. Famed for her eloquence, beauty and learning, who was the astronomer and mathematician murdered by a mob set on her by the Bishop of Alexandria? – Hypatia

20. Which has got a Lt. Governor in India? – Delhi

22. Total number of union territories in India is – 07

23. Where is the head-quarters of the World Health Organisation? – Geneva

24. Where is the head-quarters of the Food and, Agricultural Organisation? – Rome

25. Who is the propounded of the theory of General Will ? – Rousseau

26. State and Association can be best distinguished from each other on the basis of – Sovereignty

27. What kind of ‘equality’ will be affected if a country adopts the policy of racial discrimination? – Social equality

28. It is “an association established by nature for the supply of man’s every day wants.” About which Aristotle said these words? – Family

30. A subject is said to be in the concurrent list when a law can be passed on it by – The Central and State Government both

31. The General Assembly of the U.N.O. holds its meetings – Once a year

33. The maximum strength of the Lok Sabha in India has become – 545

34. If the President of India wants to resign from his office he way resign by writing to – The Vice-President of India

World History and Politics MCQs

35. Who is acknowledged as the father of Scientific Socialism? – Karl Marx

36. The Mac Mohan Line is the line that demarcates the boundary between – India, Myanmar and China

37. Referendum, Recall, Initiative and plebicite are the procedures adopted in – Direct Democracy


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